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Alright this one has been bugging me for days and feels like its at the absolute top of my list. This post will be short sweet and to the point. I do not like that the concussive damage is now based off a perk. Thralls are a huge part of the game and it religates you to either have a dedicated slaver in your group or to spam respec potions any time you need to get thralls. I really think that, that damage should be static regardless of what your skills are as it plays such a huge part in the over all game as you end up having to spec into authority on everyone now.

I’d request this get changes. Honestly most of the other attributes are fine i just don’t like that one.

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Disagree. I like that change. Helps diversifys builds. Its not like you do 0 concussivr damage, you just do less if you do 0 points in authority. If you want to maximize thrall capturing, but dont want to run with authority normally, then respec. Its no different in my mind having to respec for building to maximize your building possibilities, then respeccing again for combat.

Still, its worth discussion and I am in no way intending to devalue your opinion or feedback.


I’ll would prefer if it was static, but increased based on your character level instead. So at lvl 60 its max.

Failing that, having it based on the highest of your Strength, Agility or Authority would be great too. More versatility in choices is good imo.

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So you shouldnt have attributes at all and just have the best of all worlds?

Sounds like you should change to PC and use mods then.

You said you shouldnt be expected to respec in order to be ideally fit to take on all roles solo. How else are we supposed to read that feedback?

Ya, no, sorry. Diversity of roles and builds is what makes a game better, not worse.

I do not have the 3.0 Testlive.
But what does that mean then?
If you have a… let’s say iron truncheon with X concussive damage, with 0 authority, you deal that X damage, and more points in AUT, more concussive damage.
Or if you have 0 in AUT, you deal no concussive damage at all?

Fair enough. Last time i played we didn’t need to deal with this and did a lot of concussive damage making it quite a bit easier to grab thralls with a steel Truncheon with blunting kit. Now without it i feel like i am taking almost 5 full minutes to down a T4 thralls. While i will note that the concept behind the change is interesting. I feel like the nerf to static concussive damage was a bit far and thats mainly what i don’t like. Respecing to be better at something is all well and good but having to to respec to have a reasonable knockout time and chance of not dying cuz lets be honest some of those named thralls with pikes are gonna wreck up the place in short order. (I’m looking at you N’batu.) I’d say some minor tweaks to the amount of base concussive damage would certainly be in order as a result. To be a monster for thrall taking investing in authority is fine just feel like the base took took heavy a hit and while i prefered the old system i can live with the new one i’d just like to see some changes to it at the bare minimum. Authority does alot without even the concussive damage bonus so its still an important skill either way. Also not entirely sure how your ability to command effects your ability to knock a bro out haha.

You still deal concussive damage, but a lot less than before if you don’t have points in authority.

In my solo 3.0 testing, I lucked out and found a reinforced steel truncheon on the way to Sepermeru. I had a lot of trouble knocking out a T2 relic hunter with that while previously it was no problem with a base or iron truncheon. After putting points in authority it became much easier.

My thralls are doing very little concussive damage, even with Szeth’s truncheon. Truncheons are strength based weapons, so I’m hoping that a strength base thrall would be better at recruiting.

Português PT-BR Eu discordo disso!.. Se o jogo for montado sobre uma sugestão onde se uma pessoa não gostar devem fazer então estamos perdidos. Se a maioria gosta da atualização por que somente o que você não gosta que deve ser mudado? Hoje conan exiles é ajustado com a vontade de todos, e não de apenas uma pessoa. Com o tempo você vai acostumar isso é questão de tempo ou ainda não aprendeu a fazer os atributos corretamente como você gosta. Espero ter ajudado XD :slight_smile:

I don’t speak spanish had to put it into google translate. I’m just giving my feedback on it. They are free to do as they so please. But it is test live and the whole point is to give feedback before launch. Just because i don’t like something doesn’t mean it has to change there are plenty of things i don’t like that don’t change. I’m just saying these feels like a really jarring change from the original than i am personally not enjoying. It doesn’t mean i can’t handle it. My current handle for it is a blunted bow with blunt arrows and max authority. Makes fairly quick work of most thralls with the authority. Just not the way i like doing it but i did adapt.

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Então traduziu errado é Português PT-BR mas se entendeu tudo bem. Sim o teste é sim para ter feedback de todos mas espero que entenda sobre o ponto de vista no geral e temos que falar mais sobre o assunto que ajude a todos e não somente a uma pessoa. É bom saber que você e também que geral “todos” estão se adaptando a nova forma de fazer os atributos com o tempo todos vamos olhar isso como a única forma de jogar. Até mesmo a parte de construção está ótimo é bem melhor para construir usando o martelo da atualização 3.0

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