Auto sprint while in autorun

So unsure if intentional or not but a few days ago I discovered a way to make your character essentially keep sprinting while on autorun so you don’t need to hold the sprint button.

While employing this method your character will keep sprinting untill your stamina bar is used up then go back to normal run while stamina bar regens and then once replenished will continue to sprint again without any input needed from you.

This was much to my joy to discover as I had felt there needed to be an auto sprint feature ever since I started using the normal autorun, so just wanting to get a heads up if this is accepted as part of the game or if it is not something the devs want? If indeed it is an accepted part of the game and some people who havent yet discovered how to do this would like to know how, then just ask.

I am not stating the process outright however in case it is viewed as an exploit or something, although I can’t see why one would be against people using this, it isn’t game breaking and gives no competitive advantage over others, just a convenience advantage ;).

Auto Sprint FTW :smiley:

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