Automatically switch to next fuel type in crafting stations

For example, if you have both coal and dry wood in your furnace, once the coal runs out, the furnace should automatically switch to using the dry wood without turning off. This would be so helpful. :slight_smile:


It would be really nice. Especially if you are stocking multiple fuels and leave to go off and explore while you have a big queue going, and it doesn’t switch.

The only way I have found to avoid that is sticking to Dry Wood and Oil only. Usually oil in the furnace, and dry wood in my firebowl and cooking stations.

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if the fuel and inventory was separate, would be nice too, so you don’t take out the fuel when you grab everything.


Now there’s an idea! I like it.

Yes! This should be a no brainer!

Perhap having a Seperate Folder called Fuel. It still use up the total space of inventory that furnace has… so if furnace has 20 slot… then the folder would subtract from it… so you have 4 fuel now you have 16 slot left to use. this would organized the inventory alot better and it would help the station to draw fuel from rather then trying to find the require fuel source. so in other word it would push inventory toward index 0 as it use up the stack of fuel.

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