Avatars killing thralls pve server?

So i have a question, can avatars be used on pve servers to kill other players thralls?

My clan has a small structure with only a wheel of pain near the obelisk of the warmaker dungeon and we had a few thralls there standing guard, but the thing is most of them suddenly showed up dead.

At first i thought maybe another player attracted the scorpion boss nearby over there but there is no way it reaches that far.

So i went to the event log and simply said the thralls died , not killed but died.

But the strange thing about this is that shortly before this happened there were two players running back and forth over there and when i go to the map i have a skull icon on top of the location were the structure is and it says RECENT AVATAR ATTACK.

Is this possible? is it an exploit?

Thanks in advance for any help.

IF they were killed by an avatar, it should say in the event log killed by (numbers). The avatars IF from the database is the number (unless they fixed it to say the name).

I figured it would say something along those lines, killed by something, but it only says died.

But i find it really strange that the thralls died with no apparent reason, they werent exactly low level thralls and they had food in their inventory, so they didn´t die of hunger ( if that is even possible ) and also the fact that i have that icon saying there was an avatar attack.

Appreciate your help!

Not necessarily. We have been raided twice in a month on an official PVE server. Everything but placed thralls and the building shell left. They removed doors to gain access. Nothing was in a state of decay. The event log shows nothing.

It is very possible for your thrall to die from an avatar attack, still if this happens is wrong because in pve avatars should only hurt npcs.
About the hunger thing on thralls it doesn’t exist. Feed pot and inventory with food is just to help them heal faster and you already know this ofcurce :wink:.

That is what i thought, that avatars couldn´t do damage to thralls on pve but after a little more digging around the event logs i found out that it was actually what happened, the players that were running around my structure summoned the avatar of Mitra and killed all the thralls we had there.

Not something i was expecting to happen on pve but since it is possible they better be ready for payback :laughing: :grin:

If no reason was specified, they were probably killed by bleed/spikes.

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Thanks, in fact there was no reason specified, but after i searched the event logs more carefully i found out that a certain player summoned an avatar and killed my thralls.

They were dead in the exact spot were they were placed and there was no way they could have build spikes on top of my structure to damage my thralls.

Since it is PVE i was not expecting this to be possible.

A bud hit a base to close to his with the Snake.
It did not kill any of the followers.
It attacked and everything just yawned

wait till I tell him I posted his crappy video

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