Avatars still disabled?

I share the same concerns but if avatars are truly not enabled then Funcom should notify folks so they don’t spend the time trying to farm them.


Problem is that, u can make those stupid “true names” but u can’t use them, and the update is live, because decay timers… i think something bugged with them again… otherwise what the hell … In the image i added u can see that i have “Quest” to summon him, and even that true name inventory ( now he is gone 6 hours passed, loosed priest T4 and altair ) , soo if i can make names, and the timers are 6 hours ( new update) why summoning is disabled on all servers except singleplayer?

@NeoTheMatrix The only bug is that the newer religions allow you to see the god tokens and craft them even though the gods are disabled. The older religions such as mitra, yog and set have the tokens hidden (which makes more sense). The fact that you can’t summon them is actually normal due to the summoning being disabled in the settings (no bug here).

However, I agree with @Octavian. Having a server notice that says that the gods are enabled as of 2nd but they are still not on 4th is not ideal and should be looked at.

@Narelle Well, okay but if i use only YMIR… sure i dont know that they are disabled even if @Ignasis Announcements say they are enabled… All server PVP PVE PVE-c says “Gods enabled” but in settings they are offline, basically because of that message in server i wasted 2 days for ice shards lost altar T4 priest, and “True name”…

Ah yes not even talking about how homes decay randomly even timers are maxed out…

So I did some more testing and it looks like you can only make the “True Name” coins for some gods.

So far I have only tested Set and Jhebbal Sag. We don’t have the shrines to test the other gods yet. Results:

  1. Set - True Name" coin NOT available. Can only use the protection bubble.
  2. Jhebbal Sag - BOTH “True name” coin and protection bubble available.

Can anyone with the other god shrines look and see which ones are available and please post your results here?

PS: Also on the Official PvP server we play on, when you go to Server Settings->Combat->Disable Avatars, it is checked, so don’t think you can even summon them still. I don’t want to waste an archpriest and T3 shrine to test it though.

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There’s a similar thread on the Bugs section that has quite a few already posted

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Sorry i can’t post any images except the one i did post already… because i was too stupid to Make them ( u can make YMIR an Jhebal) Set/Mitra does not show up

P.S i found some “message” of ignasis, that servers need reset before gods are enabled but what the hell is that we can make true names before restart then… okay never altairs… but still that announcement and those who use ymir first as me feels like idiots, i lost altair, true name , time, and priest t4…

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That information may be incorrect? It’s been 2 days since the update so officials had 2 restarts already. Or does he means reset as in wipe?


On all official server types avatars disabled in settings.Idk what change update-but not avatars

I am wondering if this a goof on Funcom’s end or g-portal’s?

The servers are hosted by G-portal, and I am thinking someone would have to uncheck the “Disable Avatars” checkbox for all of those servers. Is that something Funcom would have to do or G-portal?

I honestly have no idea who has to do it. I don’t know how the mass update on officials work.

The thing with being able to summon certain tokens like Ymir has been a thing for awhile.

It is sad how Funcom makes this 7-2 claim for them to be turned back on then give 0 updates in regards to it days after not turning it on.

It’s like they just don’t care…

I wouldn’t go as far as to say they don’t care, it could’ve been anything. Bugged, not them but G-Portal, Aliens, who knows. It’s a server setting, I wonder is private servers can turn it on and if so, can they summon? That’s your prove right there.

No surprises here.

"Expect ignasis to come here and apologize for the inconvenientce " It’s still broken and not active. Despite the announcement.

Avatars are officially funcomed haha.

Now on a serious note… Comon funcom whoever did the avatars must be told to not drink beers while working. This is the kind of things that really makes you look bad as a company. Teat the features before saying its enabled! Common sense funcom, use common sense

Its a bit sad that i never had issues with game until updates started, with each update something breaks that before worked
by now i can count up to this

  1. red momma is texture bugged
  2. cant summon any avatars but u can make True names
  3. After u leave abyss dregs u cant climb anymore until remove braces by forcing respawn
  4. sometimes game does not see u are logginf off in PVE and u die from food or water .
  5. Thralls will teleport inside u for sure
  6. Decay timers even maxed out randomly give Decayed status now, and u need to reset it by building something
  7. Random homes and my own home in server had “No owner” status and u cant interact with anything that move, like doors or elevators until server restart or dunno what happened that 1 day later it resseted back…

These are only some of all new bugs i start to experience in new updates :frowning:

Has there been any official word yet from Funcom regarding the avatar issue?

Not to my knowledge.

It has been several more days and just checking in. Has anyone heard what is up with avatars?

Any news whatsoever?

I got a message back stating that they are looking into it.

Singleeplayer/private works, Online all from gportal no :smiley: