Avoid unjustified ban of lazy admins and weak players

Hello boys,

i got banned for 2 weaks for “clan/wall spam” as a solo player and lost 200-300 hours progress because i looted a body vault of a weak player who reported me to grief.

Since the game was bugged as BS and the server empty after 5-6 weeks i had nothing from my preperation, it wasnt really fun and i dont wanna loose it again so i hope some smart people answer finally my questions i put here in a more general form that i allready posted and sent to “Zendesk” too, so i can rejoin the game without getting lazy ban which is a highly unattractive risk;

  • is it allowed to block stone and Trees/pelicans and dogs, if yes, how many of each are allowed to block?
  • is it allowed to wall off your base entirely, if yes, how many walls can you build around, how much pieces are allowed?
  • is it allowed to connect your bases with a wall thats flat on the floor(mostly far away of any points of interest/or see for other examples question 1) fighting the decay timer on a empty server(because buggy siptah pissed so much people off in short time), if yes, how many pieces are allowed?
    -is it allowed to build a big base as a solo to stay competitive, because clans build block whole areas , if yes, how many pieces are you allowed to extend, how many blocks are allowed to be used?
    -is it allowed to loot body vaults of bad players that report you just to grief your base, if yes, why they can accomplish their goal so easy without any meaningful investigation to prevent it?

We need to know the size of buildings that are allowed, because all the “restrictions” found here in the forum are vague to the fullest and can be intpereted to fit like every big clan i saw in my playtime, so somebody please end the poor misery with the necessary information.

You got banned again? Well, at least you can’t complain that it was because of your Steam account name or character name this time :smiley:

No, you really don’t “need to know the size of the buildings” or anything like that. People keep getting banned and complaining about “vague rules”, and after all this time it should be clear that they’re kept like that for a reason.

That reason is to avoid precisely the kind of “rules lawyering” that you’re trying to engage in. I’ve met enough trolls and griefers on PVE(-C) servers to know that they excel at finding where the line is and then toeing it, hoping to get away with harassing people without getting banned because they “didn’t really do any of that stuff the rules forbid”.

If you’re convinced you were unjustly banned, Zendesk is the place to appeal it, as you know from prior experience. Please spare the rest of us the unpleasantness of going through yet another thinly-veiled passive-aggressive Funcom-bashing thread.


come finally shut up, you spamed my other thread too without giving any useful insights besides your trash talking, and that is indeed a thing you should get banned for if anything, you go into every thread and spam it without answering anything that is not off topic, How can you tell me what answers i need, you want to harass people all the time and thell them by harassing them that they dont need rules, totally rdicilious guy.

  1. You spread lies about me
  2. you spam my threads
  3. you again cant read but want to make"smart" speculation

every sentence is trash that comes from you so stop spaming my threads, this harassment is not allowed - and yes it is trash what you do objectively

why you believe anything that this guy spams, why you reserve questions but rather jump to conclusions on a thread spamer, mabye join a thread and stay on topic?Wtf is this community, you can read? i sent the questions in a more detailed way to zendesk and they couldnt answer it, now you come to play illerate guy and fuel lies and harassment of irrelevant spamers

palm i asked questions, you just ask irrelevant questions not answering anything

do i have a picture - what for?I asked for RULES, not unban appeal or anything.

did i “send” walls “walkelways” wtf is this wording," being fat each other" -comon just stop it

did i block resources?Again not relevant to my questions, but i blocked pelicans and dogs/stones and trees like you could combine if you use anything of your mind to understand things in a proper way

did my building made it difficult to access any area of the map? yes, my base

you ask if my wall consists of thousands of pieces, but myself asked about how many pieces are allowed, you arent realy smart asking the same question i asked.

Server performance wasnt influenced in any noticeable way, my base was a SOLO PLAYER base, not 10 man + months old alpha cheater clan.

“When funcom bans they do it with good grounds. It happens infrequently but when it happens it does with good reason.” this is a circular argument in the most obvious way, you should stop and learn about logics btw. the rules dtermine what is a good reason, anything other is abitrarily and this is not reasonable, but i guess you dont know what good reasoning is failing in logics so hard like codemage.

“There is a post that tells you server rules over official servers. Maybe someone will point you out I am on the phone so don’t have the link on hand” oh wow you such a smart guy, where did you think i saw the rules that i called out being vague, amazon prime?You think these rules i call out beeing vague answer any of my questions?Man this logics here, fcked up community for real, second post on the forum and 99% trashtalkers, no one answered something on topic, no one told something new that was asked for

Not sure what you mean by “is it allowed to connect your bases with a wall thats flat on the floor” but if you are implying that you should be able to build a road from base to base, I would call that spam.

Despawning resources used to be a big deal, but I dont think it is a bannable offense now.
Building a wall around your base is perfectly acceptable.
Building a “big base” is what CE is all about. So it is not against the rules.
There is no size limit on Official servers to base size, and “the “restrictions” found here in the forum” are just player spawned wishful thinking.


yes you are wrong, second thread, same topic - you are wrong because you believe in implications of a trashtalkspamer like codemage.

so you ask questions that never get answered just to find lies and rumours about you in your only 2 threads?Only one person helped me so far, the moderator closed my thread telling me i should to to zendesk, when in fact the post allready stated that i contacted them, he was so lazy he couldnt read the few sentences. What do you mean by stop participating, never ask anything because people can 100% trashtalk and will tell you its normal?

why should i prove against a trashtalker like codemage, every post of him is just false, im not your parent to tell you about epistimology or dont trust trashtalk.

so he should get banned for his harassments, i bet he has done it very often but these 2 cases are allready enough here, this guy should get banned according to his own allegedly morals

the rest of your post again is too trashy man, tell me where i was banned 2 times now?I never asked for speculation, just for answering my questions in the original post and if the trashtalk here is such a normal thing i dont know why people dont get banned than for it, because this is clrealy against the rules , not like the vague rules you think answering my questions, and i told you now 2 times, original post and commentary, that i allready sent questions to zendesk- i didnt play the game since they didnt answer, i dont wanna risk my time for lazy admins banning me and nopt providing reasons so i can avoid another ban like anyone else should be provided with the exact rules not vague ish like " yeah here are some big vague statements everyone could fit so we do what we want in the end no matter what"

As I understand it, these are the current rules for conduct on Official Servers:

Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

It may be best for you to Directly Message the Community team, or use Zendesk for an appeal, and perhaps the more exacting information you are looking for.

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hi dancer again, you are the only person so far helping to find out whats going on,only perspn that told me to go to zendesk BEFORE i knew about it( and asked for it), these others guys cant answer anything on this forum mostly i guess.

Yeah could be called spam, i did this on an empty server and had to extend before because a clan claimed a lot more then me and i needed to defend, second point then was the game mechanic of siptah and the bosses where you need a few hundred pieces so this is kinda intended, but i dont know in what dimensions because the rules arent been told and it seems like nobody knows better than the vague rules on building restrictions.

I think despwaning important resources like sulfur for example is a big deal personally when it should come to rules, but i guess we cant know for sure, building a base thats too big is forbidden if my ban is justified a wall or a base are bound to the definition to differentiate between the two, there must be some limits because a wall that doesnt block is “base” too when it comes to being technical,solely speaking in game mechanics for example it would be a base like every building, make a wall big(wide) would become a base too if you differentiate between wall and base in terms of size/dimensions. I think the only restrictions are some sentences about not blocking etc. you can find in the forum what most people refer to, but they dont answer my questions - in some way they show restrictions but not a method to determine what is too big/too much , i saw many bases bigger than mine and got way over 1000 hours and never got banned, but when im gonna play empty siptah again i wanna know what is possible with certainty otherwise this is a big time waste for me that can happen every time, no fun in starting all over again for me when the risk of getting banned is there any time playing big boy

i didnt play conan exiles until now because i wanted to wait until zendesk people answer my questions, yes this was my first ban and this is my second thread on the forum to get the answers i need to play the game again, it is too risky for me not knowing these things to play solo again, solo is hard in this game u know.

i dont really understand what you mean with the second offence thing

is there any situation where u may be a part of a clan in another server and u suffer for their ban?
what action u did to get the ban? and lastly
have u tried to communicate with the team to learn the reason u got banned?
tbh i have seen many people getting banned by FC but noone with no reason and in my experience i have strong faith in their decisions…

maybe u have to wonder what u have done?

Also r there any proofs of what u claim ?

and lastly , u need to understand that no result can come out here in forums as we all r players, we have no idea what has been done and what not and surely we only express our personall opinions , and nowhere near FC’s or we have the knowledge to judge…
so why u came here? to seek what and to achieve what?

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yes these are the rules everybody mentioned including me…do they answer my questions ? no. Thank you.

Like i stated before,i contacted zendesk when i was banned(months ago) to tell me the reason i was banned for, they answered and i asked for more detailed insights in the rules, building sizes, blocking of trees/stone etc. and they didnt answer so i ask my questions again so i can rejoin the game , if i can abitrarly get banned especially after getting big i dont think its smart to do so

again you try to imply things, knowing you are spreading misinformation by your implications just to piss people off, now tell me where i got banned a second time or stop spaming my threads with hypocrisy, thanks

this is not the place to have the questions of the sort you are asking answered.

you are only inviting more pain by continuing to post about this in a public forum.

there are official channels for you to communicate with the appropriate party regarding issues of the sort you describe.

The system in place is not perfect, but it is what we have currently.


oh boy really, dont take what people speculate more serious then the actual topic please , my name was never a thing to discuss - these spamers can speculate how they want.
Reason provided i got banned for was clan/wall spam, but in fact it was a guy reporting me to grief me , because i looted his body vault(just 200 metres in the water middle of map, what a weak player)

yes to others on the server it seemed “quite big” too i got banned and they all thought that i must have been cheating or something, because everyone knew my base and it didnt hinder them in any way that they thought a ban for only this could be the reason

you are missing the point of my post - my ban is over since weeks, i ask the questioons to rejoin the game any time soon, if i dont know these things and can abitrarily get banned because nobody knows the exact rules, i dont want to risk getting griefed by some shady player who reports me to get my stuff by funcom"raiding" me with the ban hammer.

i was solo/solo clan, i was banned for building “spam”, fopr what do you want proof?
I came here to get my questions answered, mabye just read my post first before trying to answer…i allready contacted zendesk they couldnt provide clear criteria i asked for , i need to know what is acceptable and what not in building sizes you can check

so where will these questions get answered, nowhere?And therefore never ask them again??

If you wish to ask about specific details about an ingame suspension or anything else, please use Zendesk. We cannot discuss matters of your account or the circumstances of what happened to you outside of direct conversations like in a ticket.

Also this thread is full of flags and it’s nonconstructive.