Axe of Violence

Is this axe broken? Getting one Hit with it all the time from max health. Pvp is broken

It does critical hits from time to time, you’re maybe really lucky or it is indeed buged out. Or maybe you’re fighting low level ennemies.

From what I have seen in using the Act of Violence it is working as intended as far as having a random critical hit. It does 57 damage without any attachments. It sounds like you are getting killed with it. If so you may just be getting the unlucky shot.

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Nah its broken it does 6x the crit dmg compared to the doom and shark bite

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I too heard/read somewhere that the crit does about 4000 damage due to a bug. It’s not intentional… and yea. You won’t live after a crit.

500 hp, 80% damage resist in heavy… but then 4k dmg and armor penetration.

There might be a way to survive a hit… but barely.

There’s a known issue with it and fixed internally. Will come with the next update.


But does a human player can have this 4k crit or a thrall?

Bullsh1t. The axe is broken. You can get oneshot with 500 HP and 500 armor.

Check with a mod that displays damage numbers. You can see the damage going up into the thousands when the crit procs.


How much is mounts going to break the game?

This is “a bit” off topic for this thread.

Say nerfed internally… We all know what "fixed"means in this post…xd

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That is a result of bosses having some k hp… how can u implement a critical hit into a mob eith 20k hp in another way with a weapon that hits for 57 hp??? All they have to do is get player hp on par with them and place a different algorithm for dmg reduction or calculation depending on the level of the npc…

that I saw u write in another post before the latest update (over a month ago). And it didnt fix the one hit. The only thing that was fixed was that u didnt get the crit hit that often, but u still get oneshotted pretty bad. Atleast when 5 of the guys u fighting use it.

PVP game is broken, and has been for a long time.

Its the overhead chop… This makes insane dmg.

Be it Cimmerian Berserker, Cimmerian Fighter III or volcano fighter III or T4. That overhead chop makes insane dmg (2H sword needed).

When seeing the title name I read Act of Violence and not Axe of Violence. After reading the thread I think it’ll be a very fitting name for the weapon.:wink:

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It is, in fact, called Act of Violence.

Maybe the proc-multiplier in PvP is even more broken?

“Enemy NPCs of Skelos generally have 750 HP.”

And yet, when the proc hits while I hit a T3 volcano, the health is only down to 1/3… (I also added the dmg+ap kit to it).

Or do volcano fighters have so much armor, that the dmg gets reduced from 4000 to 400-500?

There was an update on the 20th, I got one shotted yesterday the 21st… so, eh… no.

so I’m guessing not fixed internally then.

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