Critical damage

There are several times that the damage that our weapons doing is diferent. I can understand that the contact that your weapon has with the opponent takes a lot to the damage value, or the fourth strong hit always damages more. Even when you take hits from a mob sometimes the damage is too much. Looks like you received a critical hit. I remember the act of violence had something like that. The last 3 month’s i see that maces are op. Still they do not do all the time the same damage. Ofcurce Ajas bane is a weapon that i use months now to my thrall because when i change it with love tap never confuses my thrall. That was my solution when we use to have the change weapon problem. Still i sence that critical damage exists in the game and it is very visible when you use axes. If someone knows something about it please share this information
. Thank you.

is about your stats and perks, buffs etc

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I get this, i surely do. However, let’s take for example the skeletons in unnamed city. There are times that i kill them at the third move, and times that i complete all the combo and they are still, alive. Sometimes red mama stomp gives me 100 damage, but it happens to take more than 160 damage. I can understand that the contact you may have with the hit is crucial to what hp you will loose. This is very clear if you go to fight the rock boss. If he steps on you you insta dye. I can understand all this difference, i play this game 14 months now non stop. I go naked all around the map to take all the obelisks before i decide if i’ll stay in the server. So i can understand the difference that i see. The question is do you ever notice it? Act of violence was hitting this way, like it had critical damage

There is a strength perk (I think the 2nd one?) which let’s you deal more damage if the enemy is under the effect of any debuff, that might lead to some hits doing more damage than usual.
About enemies doing the same: No idea. For some of the AoE attacks I thought that they might have “fall off” and deal less damage the further you are away.

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I observed this with a javelin too a few months back last year, when I still played te game.

It seemed, that some hits did double damage. Though the Javelin was useless in PvP at that time, so it was not really an issue.

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Thank you. Surely there are perks that’s giving you extra damage. But when you use axe, the first 2 hits doesn’t give bleeding, plud my example was skeletons that doesnt take negative status from axes. They cannot bleed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Thank you again for posting here, please try to observe it now that we talk about it when you play, thank you again .

Speaking of pvp. Here comes the funny part. It was the time that blood and sand dlc released. The admin of the private server i was playing use the frost area in front of the black keep to fix an arena. Back then i was still practically a noob. So to honor his effort for this beautiful arena he build i went there to play pvp with him. The weapon he was carrying it was unknown for me back then. Yogs touch. I wasn’t carrying with me legendary weapons because all the YouTube videos where saying that dragon bone weapons are the best of the game :joy::joy::joy:. Though i was managing to hit him a lot of times he was killing me with 2 or 3 hits always. So after i loose 3 times then we start speak about the things that we carry and our attributes. His strenth was no bigger than mine. We had almost the same attributes. The armor i was wearing was heavy and his medium. The dodge system was the old one :wink:. It was the massive armor pen his axe had. Still when we were testing his axe on me only with the first hit to check how much damage 1 hit can produce and then heal back i remember very well that one shot give me 200 damage. All the others before were producing 120 to 140. To do this test i was standing still and he was charging the first hit always from the same distance. I was wearing all the time the same armor. So this was for me the trigger of the critical quest of this game. The question i am doing here has months of research on this game. Still nothing is clear. Thank you for posting and help to my research :+1:.

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