Bad fps on 2080ti


why do I get 25 frames on low settings and HD with a 2080ti while I can play any other game in 4k at 60fps?


Greetings @Korahan

Conan Exiles is more intensive on the CPU and memory side than the GPU. Could you list the rest of your system specs?


My PC:

  • RTX 2080 ti (current driver)
  • 24 GB ram
  • i7 4790K
  • 500 GB Samsung SSD
  • Win 10 (all updates)
    High Settings, HD: 22 fps in the base / 48 fps in the world

My GF’s PC:

  • GTX 1060 (current driver)
  • 16 GB ram
  • i5 4570
  • Gigabyte Z87H-D3
  • 500 GB Samsung SSD
  • Win 10 (all updates)
    High Settings, HD: 45 fps in the base // 60 fps in the world (capped)

To be clear - she is standing in the very same spot, looking in the very same direction with the very same settings.

The Nvidia performance overlay tells me, that the CPU is used 60% and the GPU 30% …

Could you let us know the brand and model of the GPU so we can see if our QA team has a similar model so we can run some tests on our end?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for trying to help!

It is an Asus ROG STRIX 2080TI O11G.
No custom OC profile active, temperatures never above 70 C°.

This seems to have increased my fps for about 3 frames. Can’t be certain though, since the difference is little.

Hi @Korahan the Z97S has a bottleneck that can be worked around. Suggest running Superposition on your PC and seeing how it stacks up with other users of same config. Good luck!


I did this benchmark and had a score of 8297 (1080p extreme). The comparison page around 8300 is full of 3070s, 2080 Supers, and 2080 Tis. I think this is a reasonable score without OC.

But if the Z97S has a bottleneck I would appreciate any help fixing it!

What was your framerate? ETA: I was expecting you ran 1080p HIGH, which just absolutely crushes it. :slight_smile:

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I had an average framerate of 62,06.
Now I tested 1080p high as well and had 16944 and an average fps of 126,73

Perfect. Then it is not a bottleneck. Please ask your GF to run it, just for curiosity’s sake.

Please make a screenshot of your video settings in Conan if you’re using any custom ones. Set CE to Low-End Laptop Mode. Check your FPS in the same conditions. Exit CE. Restart the game, place your settings to Cinematic, then check FPS.

Also consider downloading the ASUS ROG App GPU Tweak II. With my own ASUS I need to set it to Always 3D Clock in order to get a stable full framerate. I won’t provide a DL because you should go through ASUS’s support chain on their site, which will deliver you the best version. (One caveat: If you choose to use it, do not tell it to enforce a framerate or Conan will behave unpredictably.)

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I disabled all custom video settings and set it first to HD, low, laptop mode:
~51 fps.
Then with the cinematic preset and after restart:
~21 fps on the same spot and same view angle.
Set to 4k
~21 fps - literally no difference between HD and 4k

I have the GPU Tweak App installed but didn’t use it since I prefer FanControl to manage my fans.
I can start GPU Tweak, yet I don’t know how to tell it to always use the 3D clock.

My gf’s score for 1080p high is 6668 at an average framerate of 49,88.

Thanks for your help so far!

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No, thank you for sharing this and being patient with the queries. My regular gaming rig is a 1060 as well. It does a smooth 60 FPS, except for during the rain. This is new behavior. In the last patch, my 1060 was always smooth, except in my populated areas, where it naturally dips to 47. Totally acceptable.

Yours is something I can’t explain. It should be blasting out the frames. A player recently reported his 2060 on an i7 did 80 fps locked, 120+ variable. Stay with this, I’d like to know what’s going on.


Decreasing shadows from cinematic to high seem to bring about 2fps - again, not very reliable, because it is a small difference.

I am stuck to bad performance it seems. :cry:

Superposition says you should be running in a pretty beastly way. If your GF is pulling 47 in dense areas and 60 in the country, you should be able to do 80/100 according to my tests. Please don’t be offended, but the 4790 isn’t the beefiest, while the 2080 Ti puts out a lot of video goodness. Have you switched Ray Tracing off? RT might be a bit much for this setup.

I have same problem as OP with same video card. Last update got solid 40-ish fps on ultra/cinematic on 4K, sometimes more or around 35 in intensive scenarios, but now whenever rain appears, my FPS is locking to 20 - 25 fps with constant almost unplayable stutter. So it’s not his specs, it’s update fault.

You can clearly see difference in those screenshots, first is in my rainy base and it’s really bad, but second on desert is perfectly smooth:

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It’s good to know, that I am not the only 2080ti user with performance issues.
In my case though, afaik the problem persists for longer. Also, I don’t “live” in a rainy zone - I am on the south beach of Siptah’s Savanna biome.

It would be great if Ignasi and the QA team could actually have a look at the GPU.

I am working with UE4/5 myself - I think I will do some testing, to see if the problem is engine-dependent. But until now I didn’t have any performance issues using UE4 engine and playing other UE4 games.

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And you shouldn’t have any performance issues with Conan Exiles. If a 1060 is cranking 60 (demonstrated), your 2080 ti should be shredding it at High. This is why your Superposition results matter, as they are as objective as they can be per your hardware. I said “keep at it” because you should continue to pursue this, and share often if you’re willing. You are the only player in the wild who’s been willing to go this far into what I’ve heard is an issue.

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do you have bad fps when raining or its normal weather?

Since the latest public update, I’ve also experienced very obvious stuttering especially on background landscape elements, even at low video settings. Previously I was enjoying many settings on Ultra without these visual disturbances. I’ve tried turning off things like volumetric fog as well.

Before update: able to play without issues on settings higher than medium
After update: Stuttering backgrounds, especially evident in the jungle areas (with rain) on low preset

By stuttering, I’m referring to backgrounds clomping across the screen with an apparent FPS of 4-5 while even Steam reports the calculated FPS is over 40