Badges by loyal points

Wouldn’t be awesome to add sort of new badges among the loyal sub rewards?
every 90 points/days a new set of badges for all account possibly with a random design depending by race/class/archetype or even animal totem e.g. a ranger can get a mask for being rogue at 90 days, serpent if he’s stygian/lion if aquilonian at 540 days, bow/cbow at 1080 with size coming from tiny 90 days badge to final 1080 or more days being same size of aqui necro unconquered one
well my 2 cents…just being sad for old toons without a badge lol

Not a bad suggestion, although I don’t know how the number system would work added to the badge. Just having a different symbol for each wouldn’t really stand out (hmmmm I wonder what that badge means, let me just tab out and google it), where seeing something with a number in it would instantly be a 'oh he’d paid X long.

I’ve always thought how LotRO did it with name frames for each year you’ve played was nice. Anyone looking - the fancier the frame the longer they’ve played.