Balancing and PVP changes coming with the release of The Isle of Siptah - Feedback thread

This is easily circumvented and would even be abused. For example:

  1. The idea of being granted 2x gather rate after being raided. Ok, now I just have a friend raid me or use an alt account to raid myself. Now I have increased gathering using an exploit.

  2. Getting 2x damage. Easily countered and even abused in all scenarios. Say someone raids you and you are given a 2x attack damage buff. With it being a buff, again you just have a friend raid you or even use an alt to raid yourself. Now I can go on a killing spree by using an exploit. Say it isn’t a buff but instead you get a “specific” 2x damage modifier ONLY against the clan that raided you. Well then I simply raid people using an “alt” clan. The victim gets a 2x damage buff against the alt clan. So what, it is my alts and I just go back to my real clan. Easily countered.

“The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain” ~ Scotty from Star Trek


Please! This will destroy the game.
Its hard enough going out alone farming during night in the exile land. Always looking over my shoulder worried someone coming to kill me. With this dynamic building damage I cant even run home to my safe house and slam the door into my enemies face.

It will be two options: 1) All servers will be empty during weekdays and after 23.00 o´clock weekends. Of course, who dares to log on alone making our home vulnerable for attack when the rest of clanfriends is asleep or having a life outside conan world?
2) All members have to stay awake all night protecting the base. You can´t safely go to sleep before your enemy has shown his weakness of tired and logged off before you do. Because of this 30 minute window. Not even the heaviest pvp gamers handle this life style so many weeks.

Forget about having both a life and a base in conan exile land. No more sofa relaxing with wine and a movie after a good evening fight in conan world - THE ATTACK WILL NEVER END!!
The clan who drinks most coffee and Red Bull will win. Players who don´t have a wife, husband or kids will win.

This means that my clan can be raided Wednesday morning if I´m working late and want to do some farming and repairing for my clan. Of course then, I would not game!!

It would be impossible for singleplayers or small clans in a small base to survive. Because you need a huge monster base, impossible to break in 30 minutes. But when you log on to repair, they come back and continue the attack.

I think its very strange you making a change that would force people to stay away from the game!! If you really need to change the pvp gameplay, making it easier for “normal people” with work and family to also be able to have a gaming hobby, please; either keep it the way it is, shorter building damage time weekdays, or skip the 30 minute window. Please, let there be a end-time for the attack!

Vær så snill, ikke gjør det til noe kun arbeidsledige 20-åringer med ADHD kan holde på med

Healing just sounds terrible, as always.

I say you win this bet! It´s much easier to change a new rule/setting/code only in one place (so those mentioned might be a leftover) but those FAQ wouldn´t have the same priority anyway.

I bet it´s clear enough that the FAQs need to be adjusted and that´s it.

I’m not gonna lie. Combat is more challenging with the changes to healing. However, given how much complaining there is about combat being too easy for experienced players, I think this is a good thing.

I do feel really sorry for the new players though. Level 0 - 10 is good, but 10 - 30 is pretty awful and you’ll find yourself running from a lot of fights (or attempting to run anyway).

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I may not be a Testliver, but I wish to raise this issue for Funcom. I have seen number of people in various threads across the forum, including myself, are becoming unsettled by the prospect of this change. And I would like to restate a number of points I made in a seperate thread with another user. I am very sorry to be negative here. I am NOT trolling or hating, only trying to raise what I percieve to be very genuine concerns.

“The main sources of healing appear to be potions and bandages.”

I honestly dont mind the idea of consumption animations in theory. However, I am now beginning to hold grave concerns that these changes will create the same issues for Singleplayers and online Solo players that the Momentum system before it did. That being that for Singleplayer mode to remain viable, it is absolutely vital for us to be able to quickly break away from combat and quickly consume a healing item or two before returning to the fray. But ok, lets now examine this issue in greater detail shall we.

“Drinking the potion slows the pace of your walk whilst you drink.”

This didnt sound so bad…that is until I watched a video of it in action. So basically, drinking the potion reduces our movement to that of an ‘overencumbered’ walking speed, or the equivalent of an EXTREME cripple effect. But then this sounds even worse again:

“Bandaging is a total stop of movement…A small injury takes approx 3 sec, almost dead the animation is approx 10 sec.”

THIS ^^ seems to me to be even worse. Slowing movement down while healing, sounds like a bad, idea as is. But this is something else entirely! I am firmly opposed to the complete loss of movement Bandages impose.

So…if a Singleplayer or online Solo player is facing a fast moving Boss or World Boss (eg- the White Tiger), or a large mob of humanoid enemies (eg- the Wights summoned by Thag in the Wine Cellar dungeon), or they need to remove a stack of Bleeds? How are we supposed to break away and heal without opponents raining free blows upon us…??

“…when you eat, whether is bugs or a haunch, you get a “sated” buff that is some passive healing. It feels like eating shredded roast on live.”

So why on earth would we even bother harvesting and crafting high tier food such as Roast Haunch and Hearty Stew if they are all so ridiculously weak…!? About the equivalent of shredded roast from what I am led to believe. This would have other further reaching repercussions too. It would also render cooking as a form of crafting, especially the Stove recipes, pointless and uttetly redundant. Not to mention devaluing Cook thralls. Moreover, it will devalue our rewards for killing a whole array of enemies ranging from the Abyssmal Remnant and certain World Bosses right down to certain Dragons. It reduces the incentive to find and battle them, and trivialises the rewards they yield.

Unless I am overanalysing the situation, these changes sounds ominous to me. This sounds like a straight up nerf to healing, and a blatantly uneccessary change. There are virtually no threads on the forum saying healing is overpowered or totally game breaking. And from a Singleplayer and online Solo player, and newer player perspective, this has bad idea written all over it. It feels to me, right or wrong, like the whole debacle produced by the ‘Momentum’ movement system is destined to repeat itself here. The same wisdom holds true now as it did back then. As such, it is now time time to hark back to that same wisdom which I analysed the Momentum system with back then:



Yeah, but the problem is that you need to consider the player base as a whole for such changes. Not just the vocal limited.

That is where Funcom made an error. Make it harder for the experienced players, and you alienate the less experienced, who don’t want such things.

That’s why I won’t buy anything from Funcom in the future at full price. I just don’t trust them any longer. I haven’t even updated the game in a number of months. I think the last time I looked the update was sitting on 1.58 to download. And I haven’t played in quite a while either. Though I imagine I will update eventually some time late this winter or early next year. I’m more interested now in playing FFXIV, waiting for Fatalis in Monster Hunter, waiting for Crown Tundra in Pokemon Shield, and waiting to get Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity.

And honestly, from what I’ve seen? They are just continuing to make things worse with every new update. They claim to want things to be “visceral” with Siptah. But honestly from what I’ve read, visceral just means more of a pain in the ■■■ and less fun.

The way I see it, they can put up a “Pass” to get Siptah for $19.99 same as the PC player early access cost. Obviously consoles won’t get an Early Access, but out of fairness they should be given the chance to make the purchase if they wish to do so.

And I know it’s possible. Season Passes do it all the time, selling content that isn’t even on the PS Store yet. It just means you need an extra listing. Ark did it with the Genesis one, that gave you two parts in one.

So a Siptah Pass to be put on the PS Store now, that unlocks the Siptah Expansion. You pay $19.99 for the Pass. When the Expansion is placed in the Store, it becomes “Free” because you bought the pass. Which would no longer be available for purchase at that time, and those who didn’t buy the Pass would just directly purchase the Expansion at whatever jacked up price it will be at. (I’m thinking they are going to make it $39.99 to be honest)

If they don’t do something like this for the console players, then honestly Siptah is just a pass for me. I probably wouldn’t purchase it until it came on sale for $19.99 or less, if then. And it’d just be a further reason to not look into Funcom products in the future.

After a deep dive in all the new things, how it all works and whatnot. I like it.

It’s a challenge, but the design choice of making heals more plentiful/accessible while decreasing average heal over time is, in my opinion, a good one. Especially what you did with Sated and the potions!


Seriously why change something that dosent need changed. Listen to your playerbase. Nobody asked or wanted this change. Your playerbase knows the game better then you do. Listen to them!!!

speak for youself

Hey everybody,

Thanks for sending us your feedback.
Let us share a couple of updates and a couple of reminders.

Alex, our lead designer will share some thoughts on what the ideas behind these PVP changes were during the design process, as well as some changes on how we’ll be implementing these changes both on the Exiled lands and Siptah based on the feedback we’ve been gathering.

However, we’d like to ask you all to remain civil and constructive in your feedback. Keep our community guidelines in mind when posting. Also, please any feedback about the changes mentioned in the announcement should be gathered in this thread. Spamming it over other forum categories will not result in more visibility of one particular opinion and will be closed.


Just to further my concerns expressed earlier in this thread, and to ascertain if my concerns are well founded, I propose two testing scenarios to see how this will impact upon Singleplayers and online Solo players.


1) Fast Moving and High Damaging Boss/World Boss: Could you please try to battle a powerful, fast moving NPC such as the White Tiger world boss (alone), and see how the drinking and bandaging animations hold up?

2) Large Number of Enemies at Once: Could you please also try to battle a large number of humanoid NPCs at once, in a situation where you may or may not become encircled (also alone). Such as the Wights in the battle with Thag, or the centre of the Mounds of the Dead, where Dalinsia normally spawns, and see how the drinking and bandaging animations hold up?

It is in scenarios such as these that I suspect, right or wrong, that we will see problems emerge. Although I really do hope that I am wrong here, and I am worrying needlessly.

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So far I am undecided on the new healing system. It certainly makes the Exiled Lands a more brutal place for the single player gamer. To me that’s a good thing. Isn’t it supposed to be brutal?

I like that the amount of savory flesh harvested from a Kudo has been nerfed. No longer can I refer to them as meat vending machines. It never made sense to me why they yielded so much more edible flesh than a Rhino or Elephant anyway.

I also like that the large scorpions now have the burrowing attack that the small ones have.

Further I am liking that the agro radius for NPC’s seems to have decreased some. The smaller agro range makes it a bit more difficult to farm the 4 cimmerians I farm for epic armor.

I do not like how the temperature system seems to be a bit broken regarding overheating or freezing.

I also do not like that NPC’s are still too exploitable for knocking out.

I like that the incoming sandstorm now appears to be characterized by an increase in darkness and dust. No more black fly by thingies.

Further, I like that the Cimmerian priest has been tweaked. The priest is still pretty much stuck in the wall but at least will attack now. And after getting hit and moved back enough eventually is free from the wall. This doesn’t change the fact that the priest is still stuck behind a wall and can still be easily exploited/killed there.

Finally, I like that the chests in the Unnamed City have gotten a nerf to the legendary repair kits that drop. It seems that when a kit does drop it’s predominantly an armor repair kit now too.

Those are my early random thoughts on the patch.

Thanks for all the hard work and effort. Keep it up!

Hel states there loop holes but does not state what they are. Bashing the game devs with “you are the master at destroying your own game”. Violations of Community Guidelines.


it would be fine maneuvering to get that time, use the environment and such, if not for… leash mechanic that shall insta heal boss if you won’t keep at it, no breaks allowed, changes in healing mechanics does not make those fights any more broken

dungeon bosses aside it’s poorly executed tactics if you allow mobs to do so, not that it doesn’t happen, but you can’t blame mechanics for that scenario

PS I play solo or with +1, no thralls

I do speak for myself and many others i didnt want or ask. So whats you point?.. You must be new to the game.

Just curious - what potions do you have on 7 and 8? Is it just an icon updates or some new potions?

Hey everybody,

Alex, our Conan Exiles Lead Designer wrote a few lines about the upcoming PVP servers and how we’re going to adjust them based on your feedback:

We are adjusting our plans for server settings on official PvP servers.
Building Damage will be enabled on:

  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday

We are reducing the total number of days during which your buildings can be damaged on PvP servers, giving players time during the week where they do not need to protect their buildings and can engage with other activities during prime time.
Dynamic Building Damage will be disabled on official PvP servers. Private servers will be able to use and evaluate this feature, based on its popularity and telemetry we will reevaluate the setting for official PvP servers later.


@therryy & @Wikkyd Yeah you are both right about the “revenge” suggestion it does have allot of ways some one could exploit if not done right. My understanding of it would be built into the game rather than an admin granting it.

I would love to hear your feedback on my 1st post changes. What do you think of those 5 points rather than ORP?

“Now onto how I would solve the problem leaning towards the base builder and hoping the community could provide ideas to this. (Long Term)…” - Balancing and PVP changes coming with the release of The Isle of Siptah - Feedback thread

Well hey,

this kinda needs more clarification for me. SO Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will have normal raid rimes from 17-23h and on the other days raid is off? I really felt like your idea was great with the offline raid protection and the possibity to raid basically all the time if the opponent is online. Think the voices against it just were screaming more.