Balancing Ymir Shrines

I get that back in the day the Ymir shrine was easier to farm.

But as it is now the Ymir shrine requires 5x the killing every other Shrine requires :confused: both from T1 to T2 and T2 to T3.

Pls adjust.


And can that poor Nordhiemer III get a name.

Maybe Uwel Fourevrgrind


it is the giants shrine… so it makes since. Though there should be added benefits… maybe

Yeah, it is noticeably harder to grind mats for Ymir exalted than anything else. It should also be way easier to make regular ice and Black Ice. Why would I bother doing that in the temple, when I can just zip up north and collect 1000 black ice in a matter of minutes?

Once you hit T2, begin crafting the religious armors. They’ll give you ten marks of devotion per craft, so five shards will turn into 10 tokens. Getting from T1 to T2 was annoying and required several passes through New Asagarth. Getting from T2 to T3 was ridiculously easy.

My biggest issue is that I can’t pick up the shrine, and it “moved” when it upgraded. FML…

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