Difficulty of Ymir Religion

I am wondering why Ymir is 10 x more difficult to advance compared to the other religions. Yes, both need those 30 tokens and mats to go from 1st stage to 2nd. BUT… Ymir followers needs to kill 300 people to get those 30 (10 ice shards plus mats to make 10 arrows = 1 token) compared to say Set where you only need 30 hearts (and no additional mats) = 30 tokens. In addition you need another 100 victims (the ice shards) to even build second stage where Set does not need any hearts at all.
Ymir needs to be brought in line with the others, 30 arrows = 30 tokens, and no additional shards to make the next advancement

This may be a balance issue hold over from when all you needed to get ice shards was harvest some trees with the Ymir hatchet