Ban/Suspension shouldnt be as easy

Not yet but unfortunately the only way to open everyone’s eyes is to play the devi. I noticed you are on PlayStation so now has come the time to prove the point.

funny, same here, it happened the same to us, we were hackwiped 2 times in less than 24 hours 3 days ago in 2 different officials, it was quite spectacular, and i understand we made a lot of enemies but its hard to imagine that it was the same person, maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t.

Me and our clan love this game, we love the war, we play to win, and we live for those moments of adrenaline you have when you win but specially when you are at the verge of defeat but manage to survive somehow. we could say that we are addicted and we need medical help.
we don’t play to report the other and call it a day and not play the game.

my point is, that we cross many obstacles to play this game, from having to deal with undermesher,exploiters people with flying bases to the limits to even tolerating some hackers.
i call them “soft hackers” those who have the basic speedhack,hitting from outside and far.
all while at the same time you are trying to have a base that support a war effort that needs to be protected and trying to not get banned in the process.

But then you add the actual hackers who can see everything, your bodyvaults, your chest, were you are, enter ghost mode, destroy your bed, destroy your base, loot your body, your chest without having to destroy them,ect ect
How you defend vs that?
How are you supposed to play the game if you have to deal with ALL and expect us to keep playing?
and no, privates are NOT an option because the admins are either idiots or simply p2w admin abusers who do to you the same that a hacker would do.

this game to me is fantastic and i think i have almost 5k hours.
i did not get bored and i don’t think i will ever will.
but the current state is UNPLAYABLE to me. and all i want is to keep playing.

currently it does feel like you are punished for playing fair, almost is that if you don’t cheat you cannot play.
you are either admin wiped by random reports doing nothing wrong.
or you are hack wiped by hackers.
is so sad to me see the state of such an amazing game.


i think i can pit yhis whole mess to a rest.

Those that are confused or want to know the “lismit” and rules should be, instead of just pointing out the imconsistancy of bans, give what you believe should be the hard limits? I mean anyone can b1ch and moan about a problem, but if you dont have a suggestion for the issue, then you are blowing hot air into the fire. Until then you are basically being a “Karen”.

This is something that exists only in imagination.
NO PLAYER is capable to defend Funcom, no player!!!
Funcom doesn’t need our protection, just our feedback, for protection Funcom pays employees to do so, not players!!!
Players who think that they can defend Funcom are wrong, most they can do is damage!
However, you cannot blame someone if he feels fanatic with a game or with a team or his religion or whatever. It a choice that everyone can do and it’s respected. You can always choose for your self not to be fanatic with anything and others should respect that too. Yet respect is something that you gain because you first apply it!
If you apply respect and won’t gain then it’s not your fault any more but you cannot demand it, all you do is keep position, a respectful position always !
Time will do the job always.

It’s true that sometimes low experience or prejudice can lead to false conclusions, yet this is totally human. I try always to keep a positive stand, it doesn’t help me to do other. I come here to chat about my favorite game and relax. When I feel I can help I happily do it, when I actually help I am really happy, really happy!
I wish we didn’t have to throw stones to each other to some posts, it’s pointless fellow exile, totally pointless.

@Boobie, don’t come yet, Marcos base has nothing to report yet and it doesn’t cause issues even to my pathetic console, when the time comes he will understand it him self now there’s nothing to see than a beautiful pve decorated house. He hasn’t stacks, no exploits, no torch abuse nothing. Not yet :wink:

By all means, no problem from my side :man_shrugging:.

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Oh not that it helps the conversation at all but the clan that foundation claimed popular build sites 3 months ago and got enforced on is doing it again…after loosing all of their stuff the first go around, they are doing it again…and new players are coming in and logging out when they see it because there is no point of there are clans like that on the server. It’s been zendesked but there are folks that dense playing and refusing to change their illegal tactics. These folks are the ones that are confusing the whole problem.

Well @stelagel hes already admitted to using one exploit right out the door. No stacks no exploits no torch abuse. You guys are really far behind the reality of the issue of you think this is what’s getting everyone banned.

I never said I would do it. Maybe I will maybe I won’t or maybe someone else will see this and do it themselves. I will however not give you the luxury of a warning.

You’ll find out I’m sure at some point but like I said I didn’t say I would do it. now the option is on the table if someone decides to. I have still never reported anyone to this day even my biggest enemy’s. Reporting typically gets done by weaker players who can’t win on their own so they use the Cheesy way out.

I Have given many things away happens on pvp as well. I would imagine it happens a lot more on pve but that’s not the difference I see. The one I see is a lot of pvers are still building monster bases and pooing all over the map because the rules haven’t been enforced for them. I picked 5 severs, looked around and this is exactly what I noticed. You won’t see this on pvp anymore maybe 1 out 5 but all and all it’s widely known on pvp to keep it small and to the point.

You can wait and see if you get reported just like the rest of us. Test over

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It can still easily be done on alt accounts.

You are right, I am, you know better :+1:t6:

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Are you saying that there is a problem and now since we’re not giving suggestions it doesn’t warrant discussion?

Let me know if my understanding is correct.

You can’t unless you hack against them. We know that enforcement of Zendesk is too late to have an effect and won’t solve the problem anyway.

And many of us do NOT want to go that route.


No, I am saying it easy to cast stones, harder to build the house.

Ok, so people are wrong in their assessment of how Funcom is handling it? Sorry I’m not sure the point you’re trying to get across and just trying to understand.

And you have yet posted what you think the solution actaully is. Like what would shut everyone up. A post from FC saying " Shut up and get over it", or " x amount of space is acceptanle". What is YOUR solution. Because i really believe FC could post actial hard info, and the same Karens would still post how that it is unfair to have that limit. Again solutions, or all the angry posts are nothing more than having a leaf blower on a frozen lake…useless.

Do I have to have a hard solution suggestion here? Does anyone? We barely know what is happening behind the scenes and I respect the fact that they have a lot on their plate. For all we know there was a problem on their end, a miscommunication in their process that resulted in the overreach we’ve experienced and now they’re back at the table discussing what to do next. Maybe THEY don’t even know. I don’t know, these are all just ideas and speculation. My ideas may make no sense to be implemented because I am not a game designer or manager. They’re the experts.

I don’t think think that a hard build limit is the answer but I have given my opinion that clarification of ToC, communication and fair implementation of the process be considered. But, it is fair to question when things do not make sense. This is afterall the place to do it.

Painting everyone as “Karens” is an easy cop out argument and actually pretty insulting. I think most that have contributed here understand that it is much more complex. If anything, your contribution here has been just as much leafblowing on the ice if we’re going to use that reasoning.


if you payed attention you would know that most agree that the solution is that they either stop banning people for having a base or simply with having better communcation in regards on why you were banned, what you did wrong so you don’t repeat it.

but here is the issue, people is getting banned for false reports and i KNOW this is true. trust me. i have reported many people and in many cases i myself didn’t believe that they were breaking a rule but they were banned and i accept any punishment for “false reports” but if i can do it, there is NO ONE stopping someone else to do the same and thats the problem, anyone can report you for anything and you get punished regardless if you are guilty or innocent.

and it doesn’t help that the “land claim abuse” could be anything, from blocking a POI or for blocking stone, fiber and a tree.
and don’t bother trying to appeal they will never share you what got you banned so there is NO WAY you can defend yourself if you don’t know what you did wrong.
it is impossible.

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I realized something about the Zendesk process. Of course in using this 3rd party company it is not tied to your account. Which means any Funcom ID can be plucked and email created to make a false report.

So that means that anyone making false reports can get off scot free with this process. I’m looking at a server right now with ~, I see 10 Funcom IDs that can be used as the reporter and a choice of targets.

So here’s a suggestion: make the report process more transparent and accountable by linking it to an account through the game.

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But the receipt email is to the reporter and therefore you can correct the issue

Yes and the email is not linked to the Funcom ID, you can input any email you want.

Someone getting banned falsely may request the reason why but until permaban they can’t even appeal it.

The point I am making is that people can run around servers reporting others with a completely different Funcom IDs and can easily make extra emails. There’s no punishment at this point for false reports and how would they even do anything about it? It can effectively be untraceable.


Still easily spoofed unless they make the report go through the game server.

And I imagine they’re aware of this, which is why we’re not seeing people who abuse the system getting banned for submitting false reports.

EDIT: I’m updating the wording of the last sentence, because it was ambiguous and seems to have led to a miscommunication.