I miss Conan Exiles without Ban Meta. :(

I miss a game without BAN for build good bases, crashes and bugs. Now all servers PVP are die, it is so bad.


Agree, FUNCOM does not have clear cut standards for what is or is not suspend-able. Banning though seems to be cut and dry, but often see clans get banned for undermeshing because a few building blocks built in the mesh. There is clearly nobody going onto the servers and flying around as an admin and investigating.

Don’t feel like it is justified to wipe a whole base for a thrall wheel closer to an NPC camp, enclosed stables or animal pens, or a fish house for improved fish traps in the water. All being reported as land claim.

After this 3.0 F Up they should just unban everyone and unsuspended everyone to try and bring the game back to life.

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