Band of Players on Alt Accounts surrounding bases with claim

There are currently a band of 10-20 players on Xbox who are going around on all their different alt accounts surrounding bases on PvP/PvE/PvE-C official servers with land claim and refreshing it with no risk to their main accounts.

These players are claiming that Funcom has been banning people for various BS reasons so now they are just going around harassing all players by surrounding their bases in land claim. You can easily create an unlimited amount of alt accounts through Xbox Family share and store items on these body vaults and use these accounts to harass other players.

All this harassment seems to be coming from over 10% of the Xbox player base being banned for being alpha on servers and “not allowing others to compete,” aka they conquered too hard.

Players are creating the accounts and just land spamming all over servers on multiple accounts where the foundations aren’t connected. If one account gets banned it doesn’t matter as they do it on 3-7 accounts depending on the person and the devs don’t take the time to wipe everything unless it’s all connected so only portions of the claim are disappearing.

Seems Funcom created a much bigger issue…all the times I reported undermeshers they were never banned and now they are banning legitimate players.


This is still happening and it has gotten much worse. They now have body vaults full of loot and foundations to keep doing this, now in t3 Black Ice. Even if one account gets banned they still have tons of account due to the stupid family share feature. How is funcom banning for base size but not this, especially the body vaulting nonsense that has always been an issue.

What happened first? Body vaulting or character transfers?

Based on their behavior, sounds like they were banned with good reason. Hopefully Funcom will be able to do something about this or maybe disable family share like they did on pc.