Bandit Leader, Plunderer, Prowler and Thug


Is it still possible to enslave Bandit Leader, Plunderer, Prowler and Thug?

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No you can’t on ps4 for some time. I have not heard of any changes to PC so you probably can’t. Wish we could.

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Nowadays you can’t , but when they where first introduced in the game , they could be tamed , I still have some bandit leader thralls , but i deleted the plunderers and prowlers with the leveling update ( as previously placed thrall could not level up ) .

so the short answer is no !
and the long answer is you could ask clans on your server if they have any left in their boxes , or if you wonder why someone has one of them as thralls it’s because of what I explained above :wink:


I have a pile of bandit leaders from the good ole days when you could bashem in the head and draggem home.

Everyone says current ones are as good or better, so maybe thats why they ditched them.

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I still have some in Stock, but stats are not good, You dont want them

I still have a couple of Plunderers and Thugs decorating my prison. It doesn’t matter if their stats are rubbish when their only purpose is to sit behind bars and look nasty. Their titles also explain why they’ve ended up in jail.


I wouldn’t use it in combat, just on display on a PVe server. I’m capturing all the warriors and archers available on the PC, to learn more about their locations and earn some tricks.

Thank you very much for everyone’s response!


if your on pc there used to be a few mods (don’t know if they are still active) that allowed some of the unthrallable npc’s to be turned into thralls… couldn’t tell you which they were but there’s a possibility for it… but if your on official or not running your own server that doesn’t help much

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