Banned and no one is telling me why I’m just getting the link of the new rules posted to me. This is not fair!

I have played 2 years to just get banned out of nowhere I contact ignasis and he says “what clan where you in” I tell him and my 1 server ban goes to every server… I get no response why but the ban gets worse?! Someone help me I’m not going to keep quiet I’m going to let this be known! Someone help me!

What rules or circumstances do you believe led to this incident?

Have you had a chance to read this? [PLEASE READ] Official servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

If you look on the forums 2111 and the user shadowcat’s spam. I don’t know why us killing her legit and out pvping her led her to post all of this, it is honestly insane.

They banned us the night before all of the rules even came out. The night before they put it on the server launches they banned us at 12:00 in the morning on a eu server.

We created game where you can survive, build, dominate. But we also created rules, where we writed that you cant survive, build and in no event dominate. Enjoy.

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All of this is because of posts on the forums from shadowcat 20+ days ago. Search server 2111 and look for shadowcats spam!

Wak please help me mate! Only the big voices are heard in this community, I can’t even get a message back!

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Except not that at all. Nice try though.


Are you a pve’er that will never get a clan so you’ll never have a base big enough to care about this update? Oh okay so you don’t know? Oh okay

What the heck kind of an idiotic comment is this? Have you ever seen the enormous size of bases on pve servers? And I have played on PVE, PVE-C and PVP servers thank you very much.

Well if you know bases are massive then don’t down talk me because this game is dying because og’s are getting banned now. All huge bases should just get banned? If it’s spam yes but if everything is connected and neat I say no. Thats my thoughts. But you coming on here and blowing everything off when your not the one dealing with it is ridiculous.

Baldrick, look at this thread. I never spoke to you at all until you started to jump at me for no reason. Sorry that you feel I was talking down to you when I wasn’t talking to you at all. shrugs

Okay me too I’m just in a very rough spot right now. I’m not after you I think all people have a say no matter where they come from in the game and how they look at it. I’m just really trying to get this bs out of my way and to do that I need to show the devs that this is not right and you said that it was “a good try” at what the other person said. Sorry

No problem Baldrick. :smiley:

Funcom has been dropping the ball on most communication methods from what I have seen.

The issue has been clarified here. @Ignasi could you please close this one too, thanks.

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If the clan is like this on the forums I’d hate to imagine what they’re like in game. Crikey.

Please read the server rules posted above.
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