Banned from Conan Exiles?

Hello, I would like to know why I’ve been banned or why the message pops up saying “user is banned”? I been playing conan for almost 2 years. I hopped on this server Official PVE-C #2506 where everything was going fine. Until some guy , gamer tag on xbox and username in game is LordCuddlesXO decided he would one hit my max level cimmerian berserker level 20, fully maxed out silent legion armor, in one swing . not only did he do that but he also one hit me and my other friends in a matter of 15 seconds. I’ve sent multiple emails to funcom, yet no response from them. In retaliation to LordCuddlesXO hacking , I blocked off the Frost Temple and The Sinkhole, yet you can totally get around it by climbing. But other servers which are official and have millions of blockages of world bosses and what not… those people aren’t banned ? I moved to a new official server, Official PVE-C #2733 and things were great. No one was hacking nor did I have a horrible time playing conan. Then went to log in and i have this lovely message pop up on my screen saying i’m banned. I would love to talk to a operator or admin, not just some host of the community that cannot do nothing because I have no evidence. Happened so fast I couldn’t record Crap! Not only was I banned but also My whole group was banned aswell. It’s honestly some BS!

Please Advise, Brenden Friel


the Rules are clear in this case

also beware of, if you want contact the Funcom Forum Support.

If you don´t know how to write a DM follow the Guide below

On the first Picture cklick on Ignasis Name

Second Picture click on “Message”

On the Third Picture
by 1 fill out with a subject
by 2 fill out with your Massage
by 3 cklick to send the Massage

If you have all done this then you can only wait till they came back to you