Banned players bases never decay...why?

Alot of players have been coming back after “taking a break” lately. Alot of them have been gone for a week or better, entire clans. But the builds they had been reported for are still standing. Im just courious how it all works, and am looking for anyone who can explain it to me.

is this on official server? either way you can refresh anyones build timer by placing an explosive jar 8]


If they keep illegit builds, report them again. I have read that bans will be expanded over longer periods of time if the same person / clan repeatedly abuses. I don´t know what would be the indications for funcom to delete buildings. Maybe they don´t make any clear statements on that because more than often there is a great “gray area” where they take decisions in each case respectively.

Is this true ? I’ve never tried

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Yes… I do that sometimes for fun for nearly decayed things and for 1 spanish friend on the server, who sometimes takes 1 month breaks.

But he has only 1 base and thats not even really big… My outposts have the same sizes.

At Xmas I did it for the whole server :smiley:


its cool to be cool 8]

really? i will check

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