Banquet Chairs… Really?

Really, Funcom? Really?

I really hope these are fixed come Season 2 at least. Hopefully by then I can use my twitch drop chairs too?



Is the food only one version or multipel differentt ?

I’m really sorry, I don’t understand is question at all. Hopefully I can answer your question here though.

There are 5 different placeable foods, an empty plate, candle, chair and table in this set.

Thats what i want too know :ok_hand:thanks but still way overpriced

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Hopefully the food will come seperate later on. That banquet table and chairs aren’t to my taste. Not paying the ridiculous asking price for crap I’d never use.

Either our characters need a different sitting pose, or the chair is way too big. xD

How much did the set cost? I bought the rhino and am also very dissatisfied, see my post.

It seems like the items were designed but not tested with the player model.
Normally something like that should go through quality control when a product goes to the customer, even if it’s only digital.


I don’t really remember the price. I’m one of those players that most people complain about. If I like the look of it, I’ll buy it. I’m a bit fortunate with my income, so don’t mind paying for something if I like it, as a thank you to the devs for a game I’ve enjoyed for so long.

I haven’t bought every item though. I did really like the silent legion saddle, but not the rotting rhino skin, so I didn’t buy.

But to your point, I agree 100%. If they’re going to charge such prices, all items should go through much testing.


It’s the Conan version of the lazy boy recliner.

“Oh, Crom! This wooden chair is so comfortable that I feel like I’m just sinking right into it.”

Try relinking your Twitch account in the Conan main screen, after launch, but before selecting a game. That worked for me.

Almost 1800 Crom coins for the feast set

Have done that. I can use twitch drops on single player, just not online. It’s frustrating.

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I know I’m getting annoying repeating myself, but this whole patch screams “rushed content” to me. The fact that the sacrificial knife for the ritual still has funcom textures on it, and how buggy these “cosmetics” have been lately are proof of that.

Very disappointed in the pricing structure of this item and several others. Really disappointed in Funcoms pricing. Definitely better to play on Pc and use free mods then pay for overpriced.

I do like their artwork or 90% of it but the pricing is ……. Well … strongly disagree.

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