Decorative Food

I was really hoping when we finally got new Bazaar items, the big monthly one would be the decorative food that we see in the trailer. No such luck. Does this mean waiting at least another month for it to be available? Or could the decorative food be one of the more frequently changed options?


Isn’t the turnover on the store in 7 days? Maybe it’ll arrive next week? I too want glorious food!!


Considering how many items are in that set, I’d say it’s next month. Unless the table and the chairs are sold separately from the plates, which seems unlikely.


My wife wants food for tables now. Until she looked in the Bazaar and froze. As she says too funny.


I’m with you here mate. I love the Gurnakhi set, it was the only thing I liked in this rotation, but I would’ve gladly waited for that set in order to place some food on my tables :joy:

Now my fear is not having coins for the banquet set. There’s enough coin purchase bugs that are being reported, I’m hesitant to make another $76AUD purchase.

Old mate @bobby_naughty78 made two coin purchases, yet hasn’t got his coins yet.


The Forum is swamped with people who have Crom Coins issues. I am holding off until things are fixed. @everybodyvsME I like your tag does feel like that at times

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Haha, it does feel like that sometimes for sure. Was fitting for a gaming ID using my initials. :+1:t2:


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