Bard / Musician

With the addition of the new expansion, quality of life updates and many hints that magic is coming to the game. Why haven’t we seen any bard or musicians?

The entertainers do remove our corruption but eventually their dancing does get repetitive. With the addition of the bard NPC, we could use the aquillian harp, or various other musical instruments in base.
They could also be of use or detriment in a purge by buffing the mob or player against incursion.


We have musical instruments in game. I would totally love one of the Survival Perks allowing you to dance or play music to remove other people in your Clan’s corruption (at maybe 1/4 to 1/2 the speed of dedicated entertainer thralls).


EDIT: (a few thoughts)
Perhaps musical instruments could be given a thrall slot, where you can place an entertainer.
Different tiers provide gradually better buffs and / or give more ‘musical’ options (as in repertoire) - This could also be race / culturally specific, but a named T4 entertainer might know all, whereas lower level tiers only know their own cultural specific tunes.

Could even have different buffs dependent on different instruments, so a Harp for example would create a healing buff, drums could create a strength bonus, etc…


Yes, Yes please !

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That’s exactly what I was thinking. Each race would have certain unique instruments. While also knowing how to play t1 music instruments, t2, t3, than named. It just seems like such a waste to have all these instruments and not actually use them…