Barter/Economy: Shop Keepers etc

Not sure if this has been mentioned or if i am not thinking alot when it comes to this suggestion. Gold and silver has very little use from my experience.
Maybe having actual vendors and traveling merchants and alchemists stalls may be a interesting thought.

NPC’s that are pretty much immortal objects much like the 3 in the tavern where conan can be located.

Talking to them will pull up a inventory of resources and weapons/armor/potions/dyes etc…

We will have the ability to sell as well.

Slave Market to buy and sell thralls as well at random values like limited time offers. Every few hrs a different offer will be available. It could make the slave area have a new purpose in the conan town.

It could add a bit of liveliness to the game and give use players some extra motivation to do additional things for some coins.

A random job/bounty request board may be another thing as well. Certain random jobs will appear with rewards on turn in.

Food Cash out boxes. Putting certain items in a bin or at a market will auto pay, could help encourage farming or hunting/fishing.

Summary in Short:
Shop Keepers/armorers/carpenters/alchemist Sells\buys corresponding items dealing with their NPC Type.
Shop Keeper’s Inventory will open up like a chest with the various inventory items being showned with place. Selling will have a separate selection.
Traveling Merchants who just wander everywhere selling certain items that are commonly found at a distance.
Gold and Silver is the currency for buying and selling.
Slave Market to buy and Sell Thralls\prisoners.
All items for sale is rotated every 1hr to 24hr.
Food/Raw Resource Cash Out Boxes, Put items in boxes and recieve payment for it.

Random Job\Bounty Board: Placed in the tavern or Market Place.
Will offer rewards such as gold\silver\resources (Various rarity).
Jobs will either be resource collecting, killing\taking prisoner Certain Named NPC.
Turn in when requirements are ment.


Yes to all of that!

Also, not sure if it would be viable in PvP, but in PvE, it would be great if players could setup their own shops. For instance, a clan that manages to score a purge blacksmith could setup a vendor with legendary weapon repair kits, one with a purge alch could offer the white & black dyes. Players who love hunting meteors could sell starmetal, those who love combat could sell thralls…

Naturally people can and do barter these items face-to-face, but there’s a certain appeal to having a trading post that’s functional in its own right.

In the meanwhile, I’d just be happy with a proper trading interface where each person can see and inspect the goods before committing, rather than having to drop items on the ground.

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Unfortunately (or not), there are mods that do this for you (PIPPI being the dominant, most up to date one). In all cases on un-modded is to think how the PvP Exploiters would abuse this - and they certainly would. If this introduced even more abuse/exploitation/griefing on servers, it would drive people away from the game.
FunCom have to always aim at the more general front as they have to keep all platforms and type of playing (PvP/PvE/RP) in mind all the time.

Every shop in every game gets abused like excessive potion purchases in RPG’s and alot of crafting materials like in eso and skyrim. But a basic economy is what opens up alot of opportunities for the fanbase.

If anything introduced more abuse/exploitation/griefing on servers, it would drive people away from the game. That’s no reason to avoid entertaining such an idea as this, though.

I would love to see something like this implemented.


Load PIPPI. Then it’s relatively easy to create and set up shopkeepers, etc yourself.

Are the shop keepers with that mod pretty much described as i want?

MDic, all depends on how they are set up by the Admin - or yourself if you Admin.

There is a certain appeal to having a functional market economy, and Funcom provided us with gold and silver coins so that players can create one on their own. Having a Runescape-style “Grand Exchange” - an automated forum for buying and selling offers - is really, really handy for those who prefer to spend their time adventuring while still committing some material resources to purchasing other material resources.

But it has a drawback. Or several drawbacks, actually. First and foremost being resource farmers - bots or sweatshop workers who collect resources for sale, and sell them in return for real life money. Yes, it can already be done, but in the current system they’d need to advertise their product and arrange trades - and without a built-in safety mechanism in-game they could be ripped off or scammed. The current system makes gold farming unprofitable, or at least a risky venture.

Another drawback in making everything in game accessible to everyone. If a new player can just mine stone and chop wood and sell it for gold, they can then buy end-game weapons and armor without ever having to experience most of the survival aspect in the game.

A third drawback of creating a market economy would be that some people would then play market economy instead of a survival game. In every MMO game where it’s possible there are people who spend all their time buying, selling, manipulating market prices and eventually having a greater-than-desired impact on who gets to buy what, and at what price. “Merchanting” can become an easy way to “win” the game too, as wealth would accumulate into the purses of the few who can game the system. Although I do see certain appeal in the sneaky, clever merchant type who uses others in order to survive in the harsh lands, it would probably better suit the setting’s spirit if they had to barter for their stuff instead of sitting in their office at the stock exchange.

This system would make scamming a lot harder, which is naturally a good thing. “Drop trading” can lead to all sorts of exploiting, so some safeguards against that could be useful.

Unless, of course, we want Conan Exiles to be a “strong take from weak” kind of game… which it already is, up to a certain point, but despite all the competitiveness and PVP aspects, I don’t think catering for schoolyard bully types is what any game company should be doing.

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Thanks for the thorough explanation. Having never played an serious MMO, those issues are potential pitfalls that would have never occurred to me!

Mind you, I’m strictly a PvE player, so the whole survival aspect in this mode definitely takes a backseat to what some might deem cooperative (or at least communal) civilization-building — at least at endgame levels anyway.

Gold and silver got a good value for a survival game. You can’t eat it :smiley:.
There is magic in this game, called alchemy. I think gold and silver already get more use than is realistic.

This game has no economy because nothing of value actually wears out. Personaly I’m fine with this.
What if a craftsman would last only a set amount of game time? Now we’re talking sustained demand. Have fun with that.

Don’t give them ideas!

Yes please! I know in other open world games such as Skyrim and The Witcher 3, I am utterly obsessed with two things; collecting unique items, and profiteering. And I so wish we had the later in this game. Case in point, in Skyrim I would often return to a dungeon I just cleared to collect the Fur armours and Iron weapons I couldnt carry on the first run through the place, just to increase my profits. Moreover, I currently have a large chest filled with over 5 full stack of Silver Coins (Gold ones too) I never actually use; I just like to acumulate wealth and feel rich. I would love to see this happen, and for the games trading system grow and evolve.

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