Base Camo please

It would be very nice to be able to camouflage you base to blend more with the surroundings more than just using potted plants and cracks in cliff walls.


Although a great idea, players on some servers will still work out there’s a base somewhere near by running with a foundation poised for placement and watching for the already owned message. Players will also listen for the sounds of blacksmith, etc working to know a base is nearby. Obviously the temple icons on maps and the god-beams are the best indicator for the unwary.


Or have a base hidden up on a support or sth somewhere then down below on the ground keep a crappy small sandstone building as a decoy.

Well for the sound idea we could just have a way of insolating the walls to cover or muffle sounds. And could always make is so you have actually attempt to place the foundation to get the warning of land claim thus taking longer to cover large distances quickly with this method and people will stop wanting to use it because it would take too long over just manually searching.

Just feels weird to use grey stone from a grey or black cliff face and get tan blocks of stone.


That is a solution in a way, but seems like it should be largely unnecessary.

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