PvP: Remove the "this land is already claimed" warning before attempting to place foundations

Funcom, can we finally remove the exploitable “this land is already claimed” warning when in building mode? It’s impossible to hide a base because anyone can just run around with a foundation out and the instant they cross into landclaim they’re told there’s a base there. This warning shouldn’t appear until AFTER attempting to place a foundation.


Makes sense.

So instead, we get spam of foundations all over map as people are to lazy to pick up campfires… what makes you think they’ll clean up sandstone foundations. XD

I think ether way, pretty much just ends same result. They have idea were you are and will look. Not like CE is a huge map or anything. Not to many spots were you can be that sneaky.

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First of all, single foundations will decay really fast.
Second - it will prevent people from scanning map like that as they will have to carry a lot of foundations.

Like I said, note much of change in how people do it. Sand foundations are easy to make, (so little reason to carry them) you can make them almost anywhere on map, and just move and place.

Not really slowing them down much. Just making spam across map. (more decay add to server totals)

If there out there looking… no matter method there gonna keep looking. So why go spam route?

Changing it wont stop it, or even really halt it. Server stablity is more in favor.

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I do it every day, but it shouldn’t be so easy. Just minesweep through an area. If the pop-up were adjusted and orphan blocks given a truly low timer, there’d be no problem.

The real problem lies in the claim being infinite vertical. If they did a true claim bubble, then one would be able to build out of view and players would have to climb to find those recessed mountain top bases.

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Then you could also theoretically build over someone elses base and jump straight in :smiley:

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