Land Already Claimed inside of Our own Base

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [America USA]

[I am unable to place anything inside an area that I have already built around and previously placed items in that area. Logging out and logging back in have not fixed.]

This problem is not about claimed land, it’s a building piece stability issue but there’s a bug in the game that makes it say otherwise on your screen. Just add a pillar from the nearest foundation or terrain and then try again and it should work fine. You can check the nearby pieces with your repair hammer to confirm this (the hammer displays stability).

I don’t understand how a building piece could prevent me from putting down fish traps in the water? It is occurring in an enclosed portion of the water. Another clan put foundations underwater as close to our base as they could. I had to remove the fishtraps because they wouldn’t fill and when I went to place news ones down, it said this land is already claimed. I’m not trying to be argumentative, I just don’t understand how it could be a stability problem on the ground level.
Thank you for your feedback though, would love to get this resolved.

It’s not a stability issue.

Somehow, other people can build close enough to you to landclaim on buildings/foundation pads you’ve already placed. I don’t know how this all quite works though and how to resolve it, if there even is a resolution aside from that persons’ base decaying.

Example - I have a public maproom down. Foundations, fences and maproom…nothing fancy. I was going to go back to it and make it more aesthetically pleasing, pillars, roofing, lighting, etc… Found out I was unable to because part of the foundation base is landclaimed. I had my maproom at this location before my neighbor even built near it as well.

Ah you should have mentioned in the original post that it was about fishtraps, there’s another bug related to them… For some reason the fish traps do not claim any land unless u put foundations under them so you can actually go and build foundations in the water where someone put their traps and u’ll be basically fkin them over from collecting their fish.

That is my fault :). But I have foundations built around the where the fishtraps were originally so I’m guessing it is due to the example SirMang described. :frowning

This sounds as quite a serious bug is it known by fc?

First time i hear about it (but that says nothing again)

I once built in a spot that was an easy 20-30 steps away from the nearest building. Somehow after building it, one day I got stuck in a wall because the bed was too close. I demolished said wall but then could not build it back! Same with my fence. It seemed all kinds of bizarro until the neighbor’s house went away. Then everything worked again.

How can an inactive base won’t decay if parts of it that is farther away from my base decayed already? It shouldn’t have able to build a base so close in the first place that was claimed already.

some situations do not have connected decay timers, even when next to eachother, even when overlapping,
(then again, some just do match in the same situations)

Note - The items probably did not “snap” when it was build.
Imo if they snapped they are always connected timerwise.

So one half of a base can be still up and the other part has decayed already.

Have seen all kinds of decay hunting decayed builds.

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