“This Land is Already Claimed” inside my own base

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [USA]

When I attempt to place any objects within my own base parameters where I already have structures placed, I get the message, “This Land is Already Claimed” and I cannot place any items. There is a base nearby that was built after mine. I’m guessing this close location is the reason but why were they able to build so close if I were already here? They are far above me but they are the only structures close. There are multiple instances of this and therefore I cannot place any new structures including replacing a foundation or wall after being raided. This glitch, or bug, or whatever is making the game unplayable as I cannot reseal my base. I had a new tribe member join and cannot create a living space for him as I cannot add walls inside my own base due to land ownership. Please investigate this and fix ASAP. It’s unfair and the land ownership area should have prevented other tribe from getting this close in the first place!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Build a base (The Crevice)
  2. Have another tribe build a base above on the mountaintop, within your land ownership boundary.
  3. Attempt to place new items inside your base (assumed inside other tribe’s land ownership boundary)
  4. The placement of new items is impossible. Can not replace destroyed walls, foundations, etc.
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did you try logging out and logging back in the server ?

Oh yeah. This has been a problem for more than a week.

i had same problem on pve server found a few decyaed foundations from someone else home so i just destroyed it and it never happened again you can destroy a base on pve so long as it is in decay status ive looted 2 very nice bases on my server ended up with enough materials to build a mega base lol

The tribe who is near (PvP, large 8-man tribe) was raided by us and therefore do not occupy the huge build. But as long as they log in everyday it seems it doesn’t ever decay. It always reads 144 hours. :tired_face:

For those thinking of a solution, we are in the Crevice up north. The entire area is built out by us. The pit, the chimney, all of it. The offending structure is extremely far away but height wise. If it were lowered it would be maybe 30 foundations away at most. It’s very frustrating as we get raided quite a lot as others want our location. 3 full raids (6 hours long each) and no one has claimed it. They have gotten in of course and have destroyed things inside. But it takes at least an hour to blow in from any one of three locations that all our valuables have been teleported out via maproom by the time raiders get in. Our full tribe is 7 but only three of us play regularly. The others maybe once every two weeks.

It’s a bug it happened to me a few times. Logging out and back in fixes it. At least for me

Doesn’t help in my circumstance. It’s been the same for days.