Land already Claimed in my own building

Game mode: [Online | PVE Conflict PS4 server 3522
Problem: Land Already claimed
Region: US
For whatever reason anytime I try to place anything in my own building it says land already claimed.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Well known bug… only solution is to ask the other player to move. Or keep signing on/off until you can place normally.
Hope that helps.

Sometimes it solves itself if you wait for the next daily server restart. Try placing torches as a land claim means. If you can’t keep the torches after reset, then you are in conflict.

This happens to me all the time when someone builds to close to my base. Stand where the issue is. Close the game completely and come back in you will be able to build again. Sometimes you have to do this 2-3 times it will eventually let you build in your spot.

Hello @Xx_Psycho_1, thank you for reaching out!

Could you please provide further information regarding any possible structures within the surrounding area owned by other players? It’s possible that the claims are interfering with one another if someone has built right at the boundary of your own claim, which is why most players build walls or foundations on the outskirts of their bases to extend their own claimed area.

I found that logging off the game and logging back in has helped quite a bit. But to answer your question someone has put land in front of our building right up to the boundary. There is nothing on the sides near our building or back near where I was trying to build in side my structure

Even vertically? The claims are limitless as far as vertical space is considered.

Hi Hugo,

I recently had a clan building above one of my bases and it caused this problem. It wasn’t right on top, but in the land radius to my direct north. They were up on a mountain top. I am on land at the bottom. They left and the base is gone, but I did experience the vertical overlay.

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But this makes sense since if you place a brick down you own everything above as well as below. So if there in the radius no matter high or low its going to affect you.

For example I own land above the frost temple. During building I unknowingly was de-spawning the black ice inside the the temple. It wasn’t until I went to get black ice I realized hey TF is all the black ice lol. This is when I truly realized the extent of the range of land claim.

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