Base defence - Statues that come to life and defend your base

Max of 2-4 statues per base (or 2 per person depending on community) may come to life and defend your base under attack once destroyed they will go back to their original position with a cooldown timer of 20m(?) maybe these could require a rare resource to instil the statue with some magical essence but once the statue has magical essence you won’t need to find more and you cannot place other lively statues until that one is destroyed.

In movies etc when statues come to life to defend the castle etc (looking at harry potter) it was pretty cool, the statues would be of human size, you would go up to the statue and select (activate when under attack), now the big statues require more to rare stuff to activate.

Just a cool idea I thought I’d throw out.


Like this?

Sure, why not? Frost Giants and Yeti Protectors are pretty close already though.

Yeah something similar would be pretty cool

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Also, being able to build identical statues that don’t attack would be a way to mask your defenses. Other players wouldn’t know the difference. I like your idea.

I wouldnt cap it except maybe count towards thrall limit, i could see it requiring a thrall soul or something = to the thrall time to capture