Thrall-Taking Frost Giants! :D

Just an idea, and a very fitting and plausible one. Shouldn’t you be able to capture and break frost giants? They would be awesome for sieges, like for breaking down gates and doors with their large axes! Same as in the launch trailer at 0:49 :). Maybe a function where they target enemy doors and gates when set to “siege” or “ram” mode upon holding the use key. Would love to see this! It would make sieges great again! What about you guys, eh?


We’re gunna need a bigger wheel!

That would be cool though but I don’t think it will happen. I think it would be neat if you could take like a big animal or hire frost Giants and have them guard like your vault it something. But I think it would have to be limited. Would be pretty lame trying to raid a base with someone who has 50 frost giants defending it, you probably wouldn’t even be able to dodge because there’s be giant axes everywhere haha.

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Lol yes but it could be hard to knock them out. It’s already hard to fight them at all w/o dieing. But they could be just for breaking gates and doors and maybe fighting. I’d be really surprised if anyone got 50 of them if they took 30 hits to knock out

72 hours on wheel!
I like the guard-idea. Maybe give them a thrall spot. ONE spot. Though if a base was big enough to hold 50 vaults though… :joy:

If I may compare dmg dealt to new asagarth thralls and frost giants:
~10 arrows on some III fighter; ~16 arrows for some giant…
~5 (?) hits with steel club; …? 8 hits with steel club?

Fun&stupid: due to the giant being that much of an giant the character should act as over encumbered? xD

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Like in their launch trailer at 0:49 ?

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I think we’ll also need some knock-out arrows. Perhaps a knock-out poison we can coat our arrows with?

We’ll also need a better means of dragging large foes. I know my character is strong, but perhaps not strong enough to drag a Giant at full sprint. I think this system would need to come after a mount system, where we could hitch large knocked-out foes to our mounts, to drag them home.

Or, require multiple players to drag large foes.


I’d say no, there is no way to balance this for people who would be able to quickly capture these guys making lower/smaller clans very weak in comparison. Maybe some “neutral” interaction with the giants to “hire” them for base defense and they would send a limited amount. Besides knocking them out would feel impossible given their size, and there is no way you would be able to carry them without some mounts or a cart which neither of which exist.

only way to knock them out is with a treb. So you setup your wheel and kit the giant over the wheel while a clan mate fires a treb boulder at its head. Instant knockout and its already at the wheel. Done. Once its implemented you can cite me for providing the very first guide. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not add the opportunity to call the frosty giant with the help of Ymir? Also to give other religions the same opportunity. For Set possiby to call snake. For Mithra possiby to call golem. Same for Yog. I not mean avatar. These creatures are smaller than avatars and look like big bosses. They are permanent, if not killed. You can manage them as an avatar or give them commands as for thralls.


Giants are not humans, they don’t even think humanlike. They are laughing about this toy, named wheel of pain. Giants are irrepressible, they don’t even feel pain. You will never be able to force them into slavery. Maybe, but only maybe the priests of Ymir can get their support for honor or a sorcerer can force them with magic - but therefore they will hate you forever. :smiling_imp:

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Maybe you could drag them on a sled?

nice hehe. made me smile lol.

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Aren’t smaller clans supposed to be weaker? I mean, balancing is good and all, but we don’t want this game’s pvp to be as overbalanced as ark!

they could add a dragging sled, and you could knock them out with a trebuchet boulder to the head!

Exactly! Would be an awesome feature and the animations look great!