Buff Frost Giants Bodyguard

Ok guys, I’ve recently got my first Frost Giant and I was super-happy. I’m still super happy, but, let’s be honest: it sucks … a lot.

First off: it’s a GIANT, it’s bigger than most houses … why it has less HP than a bearer ? Considering the size it should have at least 20k HP.

Secondly, it clearly has an armor, why it has no armor value ? Again, it should have at least a standard heavy armor.

Finally, coming to weapons: it has huge mace, bigger than my 2m cimmerian character and still it does ridicously low damage … I mean, it’s laughable.


  1. Give it a 20k Health Pool
  2. Give it at least 300-400 Armor Value
  3. Give it decent damage and maybe the ability to damage T2/T3 buildings like a siege weapon (it surely has the size to break down a T3 gate).

I play PVE so I really have no interest in it being able to damage player structures, but it would be realistic.

A buffed attackspeed would already be a huge buff. Giants a so slow, they pose no threat at all…

Being slow is reasonable consequence of their height: it’s quite normal that they are slow and easy to dodge, but that should compensate for HUGE strenght and health pool.

It’s ok that they don’t hit quite often, but when they hit, it should hurt.

Things that are big, aren’t necessairyliy superslow. Giants stand around doing nothing while in combat just getting beat up. A fast attacking Pet will always have the upper hand simply because of their debuffs and the fact that you can dodge a giant so easyly… More damage is irrelevant if it barely ever hits. They should have both buffed. Giants are “harder” to get than usual pets. They should be better than most other pets.

The leveling system for pets seems to be on the way though… Lerts wait and see…

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This thing is only good for 1 thing: Destroying your own base, while it swings… Giving it more dmg, would just make that even worse…

No! Leave frost giants bodyguards alone. If the game “Too easy”. Then quit your clan an solo frost giants. Buffing enemies hurts solo players and offline single player mode. Bad enough warps are unless to solo players for healing.

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yes to op

citation plz, would like to read more.

…pardon, what does any of that mean?

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Actually, frost giant bodyguards are not enemies, but thralls (or pets, to be more accurate).
I’m a solo player too and I find this game challenging enough.

It means every time an enemy gets buff it hurts solo players.

thx i didnt see that one, hopefully we get new elevators drawbridges and battering rams sometime too 8D

dood…try harder, its not that big of a deal to take a berserker, aloe arrows and spiced goody noms.

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