Frost Giant Bodyguard -- Utterly Pathetic

I just spent 45 minutes baiting the 3 Star Ymir daughter whatsherface so my thrall can kill her, to get a horn, and I was like “Oh wow sweet!”
I summon it, whilist like dying of laughter thinking; “Oh my how the tables have turned you pathetic wolfs!” (I hate wolfs)
So I take it to New Asgath once everything respawns, and send it to attack a single t1 fighter.

This thing takes 30 seconds, to kill a single t1 fighter. Takes me 3.

Utterly pathetic. Garbage. Worthless thrall. My brand new greater tiger can kill it in 4 seconds. This is a complete trashcan of a thrall and nobody should ever use it unless its bodyguarded by 5000 thousand thralls because its… just pathetic. Honnestly pathetic. Not even waisitng time leveling it up. 1500 hp and 120 armor? My bear spawned with 4.3! GARBAGE.

Thanks for comin to my TED Talk.

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