Base Demolition - Eye-Witness Account FYI

So about an hour ago I witnessed @admins demolishing a player base on an “Official” server. The original base is pictured below. Yes, this is all one player’s base - or one clan’s base - although I never see more than one player there - ever - and, there are only about 25 thralls on duty which never change positions.

All of these structures still remain in place! These shots were taken after the explosive demolition.

Yesterday, that player or one of his mates added a large 6 or 8 story cube-like structure about 20x20x15 constructed of Flotsam style parts just a tad down the hill as when looking at the first image (above). The only resources the new addition covered up were about 25 to 30 nodes of iron and at least as many nodes of stone.

As I approached the complex not more than 25 blocks away, it exploded :exploding_head:into thousands of pieces. Like when you destroy a block yourself but for every block in the structure - with all of them accounted for and exploding at once. The explosion itself was a little higher than the full height of a redwood tree - a few of which are in the distance in some of the shots you can us as a reference. It was not like when a player demolishes a decayed building - which just collapses. This was a righteous explosion and looked to be the same pattern as the fireworks we commonly see in the USA on the 4th of July - up and out in all directions.

The debris fell and disappeared at about the same rate as when a player breaks a block. There were no inventory “loot” bags :shopping: left on the ground and no thralls remaining (I’m not certain there were any in that specific location before the explosion either.

Only the new Flotsam structure blew up and everything you see in the screen shots above remained in place. Had I been quicker to think I would have screen shotted it - it was quite beautiful! So that’s the account of what happened and you can draw any conclusions you like from it.

One conclusion I draw from it is that the Admins must be having buttloads of fun when they do this! Hell, I wanna do that to my own base it looks so cool! Kablammy!!!
Another conclusion I think may fit is that it was likely not due to a player report. It went up yesterday and blew up only about 24 hours later. And like my satellite base that was too close to the Fiend’s Vault, only it was blown up - the rest of my structures remained untouched. So very likely Admins do check stuff on their own without being prompted by reports and at lease some Admins destroy things selectively and don’t take down everything.
Again, you all can formulate your own ideas and opinions.

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Um, I hate to rain on your parade, but that’s also what decay looks like.

If the structure has gone 8+ days without being refreshed (or demolished while in abandoned state), then it goes “poof”. Thing is, the server won’t run the game logic in an area unless there’s at least one player in that area, so the actual “poof” doesn’t happen until a player approaches the area.

So what you witnessed might have been admin action, but it’s just as likely to have been decay.

(And no, I’m not talking out of my ass here, I’ve seen this in action myself.)


It was about 24 hours old. And, all the other proximity-connected structures remained - as seen in the images.

It would be a truly amazing feat if you were… :laughing:

Is there a chance it was decay? Mmm, I suppose there is about a 0.5% chance it could have been. I ride up that hill pretty much everyday about 3 to 5 times each day. The chances of me riding right next to something that large and not noticing for 8 days would be truly incredible - surpassed only by an ability to speak out of certain other orifices. :slight_smile: It was sitting about 10 meters from (ie right next to), the path I take going through that area - which is about 7 to 9 seconds ride from my front door.

This is why I am pretty sure it was an Admin action. And bases have been removed on my server lately - I have seen three in my general vicinity (30~45 second ride) which have been there for a very long time and within the past 3 to 5 days have vanished. Typically a day later a very temporary simple looking T1 or T2 structure goes up in it’s place.

Edit 1:
The only other explanation I can think of is that somehow it was still in the server cache even though the user himself had removed it, and when I rode by it updated all at once… - and exploded?

Edit 2:
I suppose there is a third possibility: Someone built zero blocks away right up next to his claim perimeter, he reported it, and the Admin acted within 24 hours.

Update 2.7
New Additions

  • Added a new Point of Interest protection system. In this initial implementation, it will protect obelisks in the Exiled Lands. This new system will periodically check the surroundings of these locations. Buildings found blocking access to these resources will be automatically destroyed.

This is on the Isle of Siptah though.

PVE or PVP? And I assume its on console and not PC since I couldnt find it on battlemetrics?

So this was build in 24 hours or less, got reported for…who knows, and was then admin deleted immediately?

I find that extremely hard to believe when there have been numerous other reports go months without action. But somehow, this one got taken care of in under 24 hours?

I mean, ok, lets say that its true and that did happen like you said. Guess that means the “thousands of reports” Funcom gets is a full blown lie if they can act on reports in under 24 hours. Its a good thing if they can, but that means any action that takes longer then that down the road needs to be scrutinized even harder for lack of action.

I see nothing wrong with that build from your screenshots, though its impossible to tell if they are blocking content, or if some kind of spam extends outwards. Im obviously not doubting what you saw, because you did in fact see it, but the events that lead up to it make zero sense.

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Ya but this is a impressive update it will have major effects on players. Funcom has not given any details, like does it destroy all the players bases or does it effect other areas than just obelisks. I see this update being used on siptah too now or later.It could be on siptah.I suspect it will solve alot of comlpaints.

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PVE Official On PC. I dunno what a battlemetrics is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here, This explains it as far as locations go:

We have no idea the time that passes between all reports and any actions taken. You would only know about your own reports on your own server, right, of course.

Or, the servers in China where this is, are fewer and they act faster? I have no idea. There could be any number of reasons why the 24 thing in this case.

Look again, there are hundreds (maybe nearing a thousand in total?) blocks of spam in those images and outside those images (4 or 5 hundred within if you count) - there are easily another 4 or 5 screen shots worth of just spam blocks. I would never report anyone myself - not even this degree of spammery.

Not sure what events you would be expecting. I dunno myself, I was just riding through and Kabloom - right while I was looking at the massive cuboid building. It wasn’t there the day before. And that’s all I know about it.

I can tell you one thing. They do indeed sometimes just blow up one or two buildings of a clan that owns more than 3 to 5 - as there have been reports here of that happening and with short 5-day bans - so the the other remaining buildings were recoverable… err, left in tact.

I can tell you another thing for sure. They demolished one of my buildings about a week ago and I received no ban and they left my main base alone completely. I built a base back and to the side of the Fiend Vault (just north(?) of “Player X’s” base on the image above). I knew it was likely too close but took the chance. It was just for storage but I made it look nice. Two stories tall with a pitched roof and maybe 900 blocks total. There were 9 chests full inside it. It was erased 36 hours after it was built and I had visited it just maybe 12 hours earlier.

I have no idea what any of that means or implies. I can only guess.

You know I refrained from speaking on this because I didn’t want to further diminish your sense of wonder. It makes the game experience that much better for all of us when someone is clearly enjoying themselves. When I saw a full-on demolition it was very much like explosions. However, when you’ve been exploded hundreds of times, in your face, under your armpits, exploded into atoms you know the difference.

When a systemic decay crumble occurs all at once, it’s a dynamic event. If you want an example, if you possess the DLC, place an Arena Wall. Now dismantle it, and it’ll remain standing. Punch it before it disappears to see just how DYNAMIC it is!

If I were Admin, I would ban the Guild after finding out who the sleepers and allies are. Then I’d set Decay No Loot, then crank their numbers to Decayed three days ago. This makes it much more automated, with much less heat to it. The benefit is other players who stray into range get to see a nice show of “force.”

Personally I like active combat, but have learned over many years the subtle ways of passive action. This is a very good and demonstrative way of deleting someone. I’m glad you brought it to my attention.


I concur with Mage, I have approached a decayed base that had an expired timer and it immediately exploded when I was close enough for the base to load into my view.


Ok, if there was more spam then what you showed, then I agree that what happened should have happened. There is literally zero need to spam claim on a PVE server. I was only going off the screenshots which didnt look too bad, but without knowing the server type at the time, I could only speculate.

Battlemetrics is a server tracking website that ranks servers for various games by player count and activity. There used to be a time when we could use it to track players as well when Funcom used steam ID’s for players instead of what we have now with the Funcom ID. Now battlemetrics only shows that there is XXX number of players online on a server, rather then listing them by steam name. We used it, and in fact paid for the better, more in depth subscription back in the EA days when we had to track the exploiters from that country we cant name.

Side note: With Funcom making their own ID system it removed two abilities for us players to track and report cheaters/exploiters. Hence why you seen some backlash in the forums that Funcom protects exploiters.

Very possible, Im basing this off of Funcoms usual ticket response of “Due to so many tickets we will get to yours as quickly as we can” (paraphrasing here). Then months go by (and I can say months as I had a ticket I submitted of an undermesher, with screenshots, locations, players involved, and clan names all clearly presented at the end of September last year, and by mid November nothing was done.) and players lose hope. Maybe in other server locations things are dealt with faster, but I highly doubt it (though again, I cant say for certain.)

What I mean is that from what I could tell, a clan moved to a location, built a massive amount of a base in under 24 hours, then was banned inside that time frame. That just seems unusually fast for Funcom to act on that.


As a side note to this : it also removed the ability from exploiters/hackers to follow their targets accross servers . It was a dual edged sword either way


If this was an admin demo, all structures would have been deleted. Funcom states it’s an “all or nothing” wipe. More than likey, this was just a decay, as pretty much everyone else is saying here.

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Well it depends , the admins “destroy” the buildings that they have a screenshot of , if a clan that has multiple outposts is reported with screenshots for only 1 outpost/base in the report Funcom receives , then only this outpost is subject to destruction ( especially if the others outposts are far from the offensive structure ) Since they wouldn’t know where to look at for the others bases ( and wouldn’t take the time to go accross the hole server )

at last it may have changed ( in example , if funcom has added more tools for their admins to destroy a base without having to teleport to it ) but I think if it did we would see it in the admin panel :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

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Oh I see. No, everything you see in those screen shots have been there for probably around a year. They (he?) adds to it slowly and occasionally. I see some new little 4x4 block of squares about once a month. What I’m saying and thinking is, he added a large structure to that already UBER-MASSIVE spam distribution (check the map for it’s size OMG - I rode to each point in that purple area for accuracy), and whatever it was that he added (a gigantic featureless cube is what it looked like to me) got demolished - I can only assume by an Admin. Either on report or because that particular Admin roves around occasionally.

Also everything you see in those screen shots is STILL THERE. Those shots were taken an hour or so after the explosion and I’ve ridden past it another 8 or 9 times since.

Right, that would make sense if the building now exploded, had been there long enough for a decay to occur. It had not. -=shrug=-

Oh neat-o! What’s the URL and what informations are recorded and shown? That might be fun to play with. Thanks for the explanation my man!

That seems to be the consensus… Yet I had a building demolished by an Admin and the rest of my base was untouched - and I was not banned at all. @lanier67 claimed that they had a total of 5 bases and only a couple of them were demolished by Admin action followed by a mere 5 day ban. There were two others here on this forum somewhat recently claiming such things as well - but also claimed their ban length made it so they couldn’t save the other bases from decay. So I would say the consensus is yet again wrong as so often is the case in this world, and that the decision to demolish what and ban for how long, is almost completely (or at least largely) in the hands of the investigating Admin - exercising their own sense of fairness as they carry out their duties etc…

If I was enforcing it…just delete it…no special effect …nothing. Cheaters don’t get that luxury of going out in a blaze of glory. If I wanted in game effects I would simply permemently peg the purge meter and open the time for that clan to the full day for a period of two updates. But hey, that’s just me.

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Yeah, but they may not have a choice. The Admins I mean. Maybe their only option for removal produces that explosion. It may be that just no one has wrote about witnessing it before if someone else has seen before too.

I have no idea though. -=shrug=-

Relentless Barbarian level purges seems like an interesting idea though!

they delete the buildings in question, everything that is on the same decay timer will get deleted, the other stuff won’t. So if you connected your timers for easier refreshing and you get one building deleted, everything goes poof

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Ok, this is making more sense then. These players likely broke the spam rule which is why actions were taken, and its likely the reporting was done far before their latest build you described.

Here, have a look: BattleMetrics

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The interesting part to me is that all of the actual spam is still there. :crazy_face:

Hmmm, that must be really old or something. It seems completely broken when it comes to Conan servers. At least for the ones anywhere in Asia. -=shrug=-

You said you couldn’t find my server either?