Base destroyed in PVE server over night


So me and my friends play on a PVE server in Conan Exiles ( Server #3004 to be exactly) We have come a long way and made a lot of progress. And we have been playing on this server for about a month. I went away for 2 days and when i came back home and logged onto the game i was shocked. Half the base was mysteriously destroyed somehow and one of our thralls were dead. We thought that this was impossible since we played on a PVE server. I checked everything, the stability on all the foundations were fine. The purge meter was not even close so it could not have been that. And when i checked the event log it says something really weird. The event log says that at exactly 2020.10.04 - 03.14.18 foundations, walls, chests etc lost stability somehow. And even my thrall died. The weird thing is that everything happened in just one second. It also doomed my wheel of pain to “abandoned state” and then 3 hours later it decayed. Even tho the wheel of pain was only 3 days old. I lost 3 named thralls in that one. I have the pictures of the event log on this imgur link below. And as you can see it all just “lost stability” at 3 am.

https ://

I “broke” the link so that i could post it here, just write the " https and : together again like this " https: "

Can someone please tell me how this happened ? I am an experienced conan exiles player and this has never ever happened before. Thanks.

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You can upload them and break the link -> imgur .com

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Thx i did it now

Is your base located in meteor area? This looks like a meteor damage to me.

This entry shows that the chest is destroyed by . and that . is how meteors are displayed in the log.


Yep :smiley: Hit by star metal I’m afraid. We had a base built at mounds, a very good one, then the devs changed where the meteors fell and that base got hit every day for 5 months until there was nothing left :smiley: It was funny just to go there every few weeks just to see how much had gone :smiley: This was a pvp server too :smiley:


Ah i see, yes we live in the snow region too. Yeah it might have been starmetal, and if so. It’s time to move to another place :frowning:

ok, thx. Yes we live in a star metal area. I guess we have to move now :frowning:

Hi when did the devs change where the meteor showers drop was this in the last update or before then? I ask because I have a base in the north and haven’t been there since I’m on Xbox and our decay timer is still 2 weeks

I also have a base near Mounds of the Dead, which is on the edge of the meteor hit region…

Well, I got hit again and 2 foundations got destroyed. Yet, the event log showed absoluetly nothing…

This seems like it’s something new, since i’ve been living in the same region before on another server. But back then this problem never occurred.

The event log only shows entries when placeables are hit as well. If you only lost foundations, you indeed won’t see entries besides “xyz lost stability”.

Not even lost stability… There was just nothing. I lost 2 foundations and 1 black-ice fence. Maybe a wall-lamp was also destroyed. Not 100% sure.

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Not sure about new, since meteors have been landing just west and NW of the mounds since I can remember…but, maybe more intense. I was up to the Ice temple today and there were meteors literally everywhere. I usually see one, maybe two if I am lucky. I counted six concentrated in one area. So maybe they have boosted the drop rate is all.

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