Base Repairs health resetting to previous state after server restart

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: 8008

Bug Description:

Base repairs resetting to previous state after server reset. I repaired my T3 base with a Star Metel Repair Hammer, after it had been blown up a few days prior on The Isle of Siptah. Some new building peices was added / replaced. After the server had reset, all the building pieces that was repaired had all gone back to it’s previous health state, and of course, losing the materials that was put in for the repair. I have tested this a further 2 times on 1 wall, and both times they reset back to their previous health state after reset. PLEASE do something. I dont want to have to pull my whole base down just to repair it. Also for future updates, it might be a good idea to be able to put materials in a bench for repair over time, aswell as being able to use a Repair Hammer.

Bug Reproduction:

Tested multiple times before server restart.


This is serious m8, if it’s not a trouble do 2 things please!
1st take photos of previous state (before repaired), repaired state and finally server restart state. Use a foundation in house so the possibility that someone “hurt” it while offline to be totally off the charts.
2nd. Use these photos to a Zendesk ticket. In order to do it properly you have to follow simple steps.
a) Create an account on Zendesk
b) Connect on Zendesk from your console starting menu by pressing HELP
c) report your issue and wait for the email
d) when the email arrives from Funcom attach the photos.
Thanks for reporting it m8. Good luck exile :+1:t6:

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I tried setting a report in game and it pointed me to here, telling me to put my report here. Honestly I’m not about posting reports here there and everywhere, there should be a way to send these bug reports in game.
Better still, these kinds of bugs shouldn’t be a thing. Its ridiculous the amount of bugs they have added into this game and then still trying to charge for a completely broken game.
And its not just with this new update, there are still bugs waiting to be patched for months…
How are we supposed to play a game that resets or impedes you progress?

This bug needs to be addressed quickly.

This is a game breaking bug for PVP.

Please sort out your game.

I didn’t tell you in game my friend, i told you to the starting menu!

Here you press Help and it leads you straight to Zendesk.

Top right you click the “Submit a report” and there you go!

This forum cannot solve these kind of issues, only Zendesk can. Even if a @Community member will arrive here, you’ll get exactly the same suggestion. So no matter how long or loud you’ll shout your issue here, nothing is going to change. This place exists for guidance and feedback, this forum cannot solve your issue.
You can however, contact Zendesk!


Thank you for your message and showing me where i need to go.

But there was a message in game telling me to go to the Funcom forums when i tried to report the bug. Maybe i misread something.

I was under the impression that this was run by funcom and so of course thought that bug reports would be seen by them.

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I have sent in a report, i will update here if needed.
Would appreciate other to send in a report if they too are noticing their base repairs not sticking after server resets.

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The bugs can be reported here. The Community admins will gather your report and file it for devs. But Zendesk works faster. They are dedicated admins payed by Funcom to act drastically to individual player or server issues. So if your problem is caused by g portal server issue they’ll find a fast solution.

You’ll accept an email back from Funcom. In this email you can attach all your evident and if an admin of Zendesk will need more he’ll contact you the soonest possible. Well done @iMattyBoye :+1:t6:

Just to show people that they do take note of bug reports quite quickly.

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