Basegame NPC's all teleporting to 1 location

So it sounds like its a server side problem, for when it starts to chug.
While mods are not the direct cause, they do have an impact on server performance, thus increasing the rate we see this.

I imagen a vanilla server would also see this to a point, but It would require that said server be stress tested.


That’s correct, so we need Funcom to turn off whatever they turned on that makes this happen.

Or give us the option to turn it off ourselves.

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I believe I read on the admin discord might have been one of the others that Improved Quality of Life is at fault for this issue. Even though it doesn’t touch anything that should cause the problem. I noticed all the lists on here utilize it have any of you tried removing it?
Edit: I just reread where one of the posts in this said they removed each mod and still had it occur with each mod. So I could very well be wrong on it just being IQOL but I remember reading not to use it in it’s current state

its happened on servers without iqol. i tested it with and without iqol on my test server and it still happened. the reason people thought it was iqol is because the mod creator for iqol updated their mod the same day that the dev kit was released that i believe is the culprit for all of this.

@luckycthulhu I updated my post after rereading yours to say that’s what I had read. Until this post I personally hadn’t heard anything more about the issue. Hopefully whatever is causing the issue between mods and base game gets figured out though. There are a lot of mods that are basically deemed needed by most admins.

If you read VVarlokk’s responses, you’ll see that the error is not mod-side.

Still very much a problem and still very much base game related

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP/PvE/RP
Region: US/EU

Bug reported in 2 previous threads by multiple servers is caused by a function in BP_SafetyNetVolume errors teleporting mobs to the 0-point on the Exiled Lands and Siptah maps.

It is caused by a section of the code in BP_SafetyNetVolume2 and _251 which “Disables snap-to-ground to avoid exploits.” However this also causes the unexpected side effect on high population servers of teleporting random mobs away from players attempting to fight them.

Ostensibly this is there to prevent under-meshing exploits seen on some official servers. HOWEVER, on private servers we need a way to turn this function off or swap it for snap-to-surface, at least for the Actors, so that we can PvE reliably.

@Ignasis Thank you for your kind attention on this thus far. Linked in images is the potentially offending section of the event graph HOWEVER this is BP_SafetyNetVolume NOT BP_SafetyNetVolume2 which is what shows up in the log error so may not be the direct culprit (also the code line is disconnected at the moment but that may be a devkit issue and not the same as in-game measures).

Please give us an option to use the snap-to-surface function instead of the 0,0,200 warp so that we can more reliably PvE on private servers. It is killing a lot of communities at the moment.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Load up a server with high population or low sFPS.
  2. 1st player spawns 1000+ mobs, 2nd player teleports to 0,0,200 point, 3rd player teleports around aggroing in-world mobs
  3. Watch as aggro’d mobs begin to telelport to 0,0,200

Reference Image of Blueprint:


Hey there again,

We’ll send note to the team.
We’ve merged the two threads about this issue. Please do not create additional threads regarding the same topic.


Thanks so much @Ignasis you rock! Hopefully you guys can find what’s causing this!

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tested this on a non modded server still happens by the way

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Thats still happening, and its really annoying.

there are three npcs now

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There is elephants everywhere!

This is absolutely not a mod issue, its causing crashes on even vanilla servers now. fresh wipe and all.

Yeah, the source of the issue is in an earlier message in the thread. We just gotta keep this active, so the team work on it because it’s really a priority - it’s ■■■■■■■■ up so much stuff!

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Same here on our server. Sometimes hundred of NPC in the air. Normal NPCs, bosses,…, from all over the world. They are floating in the air and after a while falling to the ground and fighting each other. Players report that they fight against NPC, they disappear and you can see them appear there. Exploit Spot to farm many NPC and bosses.

This is still very much a problem. I’m losing hope that funcom will even address… respond or fix this. Please funcom. Please help. This is game-breaking and server-breaking. Please at least acknowledge it.

Many admins have gathered together to present the information needed to reproduce the problem, we have presented several theories and made countless posts. Your most highly populated servers are the ones effected the most. You are killing your game. =/

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Hey there,

We answered above. This is being looked into.


ok thank you so much for your response, we are eagerly awaiting an update.

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