NPC teleporting


Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug, Performance
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EC, server 1213

I recently bought this great game on Steam. I play for about one week on the official server #1213 PVE-Conflict.
Constantly there are network lags - NPCs and mobs teleport, my character passes through the walls. It is impossible to play.
What additional information should I provide to fix the problem as soon as possible?

I tried to modify these parameters by specifying the following values, but this did not have any effect
…\common\Conan Exiles\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini

…\common\Conan Exiles\Engine\Config\BaseGame.ini

UPD 02.07.2020:
To illustrate my problem, I wrote down a short excerpt of the gameplay. As you can see on the recording, the character periodically gets stuck in the objects of the environment. You can also see that NPCs move with jerks (teleport) when moving, and this is the main problem.
Watch this video

I tried to diagnose the problem. Found out that the server, based on information from battlemetrics located in Moscow and hosted on the company’s servers

Unfortunately, I do not know which provider is used in the data Center of this company, so I measured the speed of the Internet connection to any provider in Moscow.
The test result

I can also say with confidence that there are no packet losses before this server:
C:\Users\X-Ray>ping -l 65500 -t

Обмен пакетами с по с 65500 байтами данных:
Ответ от число байт=65500 время=38мс TTL=121
Ответ от число байт=65500 время=38мс TTL=121
Ответ от число байт=65500 время=38мс TTL=121
Ответ от число байт=65500 время=38мс TTL=121
Ответ от число байт=65500 время=38мс TTL=121

So I think that if the problem is the speed of the Internet connection, then it is definitely not on my side

We have had the same issues recently. Youll fight an Npc and they will just bounce around teleporting. Very hard to fight them. A tiger killed two cimmerian berserkers that were levelled earlier. PC - Private -PvP

Help my, please

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Where and to whom should I write so that my problem is heard and helped?

CC to:

You’re posting in the correct place, but I don’t think tagging all the Funcom employees at random will help you. I think they already know of this issue with falling in the floor tiles, but the NPC teleporting appears like heavy lag.

It would be cool to get an answer, something like: we accepted your appeal and will begin work on correcting it in the near future.
However, there is absolutely no reaction from the technical support regarding the problem and it is unclear whether they are aware of it or simply do not read this forum and it is useless to report such problems on it.

Are you the only one experiencing problems on this server?

I will say differently - the problem is reproduced during the maximum online users.

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Hey there,

We’re aware of some animation issues under certain server performance circumstances. Changing those settings will generally have no impact and stem from an older workaround that doesn’t apply anymore.
During peak hours, and depending of the server load, including number of players and assets currently loaded onto a server, network-related performance issues might occur.


Are there any deadlines and plans to fix this problem?

You can also answer another question: why does my friend living in another region have no such problems?

Hello @Beska, we have no other reports regarding server #1213 at this time, and upon verifying its stats there seems to be no issue, even during peak hours.

We’ll reach out to you privately to request some additional tests to determine if this could be ISP related.