Lagging NPC and animals (FIXED)

Game mode: [Online Official / Online Private]
Type of issue: [BUG ?]
Server type: [PVP - PVE - PVE-C]
Region: EU]

Hey everyone. I I had a very big problem when an NPC or an animal was lagging or teleporting during combat, I don’t know exactly how to describe this problem. It looked like a problem with my internet connection but after more tests I found out that it is a problem in the game. I searched for a google solution and directly on the page from Unreal Engine I found this command for “launch options” on Steam.


Description of command: Tells the engine to not cap client bandwidth

I can’t say for sure if this command will really improve anything for every player, but if I run the game without him and try to kill someone, it’s the same problem. If I turn off the game and start it with this command, everything is fine again. If anyone has the same problem as me, let me know if it helped you :slight_smile: Have a nice day


It doesn’t happen often, but I think I have experienced what you describe. Next time I see it, I’ll try to remember this thread.

Hello @fenix_svk, thank you for sharing this!

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