Single player/COOP and lag

So I know there are a lot of other posts similar to this, but I just want to be sure. Now by “Lag” I mean that my buddy (actually my brother) sometimes teleport in-game. Not the teleporting as in the Tether stuff, I already know about that, but as in every time we get into combat he starts teleporting. As for me, his character animation sometimes act wonky like doing the moon walk/run and moving sideways and stuff. Now I understand this kind of problem could happen if i was living countires away from him, but in fact we live in the same house. We use the same 5g wireless connection, the same router, we both can download at speeds of 13gbs and upload at 8gbs, and we are on a 100mb internet plan. And it’s just us 2 in game, no other internet consuming programs on or any background downloading. Yet he still lags (I am the host so I dont notice any lag) So please, can anyone help us? I don’t want to play on an online server because, well, if single player/coop cant even handle 2 players, I doubt online can handle any. And i dont want to waste money.

Are you certain its not fps? Also have you checked your CPU/RAM to ensure your not exceeding your capacity. I doubt its any of those, but thought to ask just in case. I mean no offence, just crossing all the t’s.

No offence taken, appreciate that someone is trying to help. But no it’s not fps, He has a gtx 1060 so its not a gpu problem. He’s on 16gb’s of ram, and cpu is AMD 8350 8 core 4gh. He can play single player by himself perfectly fine. But when he gets onto my server he doesnt go through an fps drop but his character teleports. So he thinks he’s going around the enemy and attacking from behind, but on my screen he’s just walking off into the distance, and I guess it teleports him to what I see. So it seems to be more of a connection problem, but i dont understand that because we’re on the same connection. To get a grasp on how good our connection is as well as our computer power, we play total war Warhammer on ultra settings with 40 vs 40 matches and we dont experience lag and fps drops. Hopefully that gives a better example on our situation.

EDIT - in case you wanted to know my specs as well, im on intel I5-8600k cpu 3.6gh, 16gb ram, using an M2 as a harddrive, my brother uses a ssd. and my gpu is Radeon RX 580 series

Your hardware sounds more than capable. I just did some testing on my own system. I added network bandwidth settings for LAN play that helped my lag issues on LAN a while back.

I just undid those to see if it would have any effect since last patch was meant to fix things. Unfortunately I still need to have those settings in there. Below are my settings. These should work for internet as well.

On the SERVER I changed…






…\common\Conan Exiles\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini


Without these settings my base takes about twice as long to load. Not sure if that also relates to lag, but I don’t like waiting for my base to load, so with the above settings it takes about 5-10 seconds for my entire base to load. Things like trees/rocks i removed before building my base take a little longer to disappear.

Please note: I have no idea how these settings would effect a server that has more than 2 people. Its meant for co-op play (or less than about 5 people).

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I’ll try that out asap, hopefully it fixes the issue. It’s just me and my brother so 2 players in the coop mode. Thanks for the quick reply!

Well we tried out your settings, both on my end and his, and it helped a little. But he still gets hiccups here and there where npcs are stuck in a walking animation for a short bit and then teleports. So pretty much it didn’t work unfortunately :confused: This is getting pretty annoying, as i feel like its an optimization problem on Funcom’s end. I tried checking the other forum entries but haven’t seen a solid fix.

EDIT - tried both of us getting on really low graphics settings, same issue.

EDIT 2 - So we had a base in the north, kinda like a big tower. And we tried teleporting to the dregs in the beginning area. Noticed it was a whole lot better now, with very little lag (enemies would freeze but only for like a milisec or something. So im guessing it’s either because of our building or the northern area (a little below the frozen lake) is just a really bad place to be in.

I can explain the situation, it’s like this,
Phase 1- enemy npc will come to attack the player.
Phase 2- enemy will do fine animation or little bits of the animation that npc suppose to do, (walking or running some parts will make the npc float or use the same flash freeze position but attack animation are fine.
Phase 3- enemy will continue to do its animation and properly sync with the main host until certain points.
Phase 4- (Main issue) the secondary player not host, will see the enemy doing the running/ walking motion in the exact one place of the lag where as the player can continue to attack or move smoothly.
Phase 5- the player then will teleport to what the host see’s (in which case is the player standing idle or walking/running in one direction) and die or almost killed since the host can see the enemy landing hits onto the player.
Phase 6- the player dies or is brutally wounded and cannot continue to play in this mess.

This is all happening only in multiplayer coop settings, single player works as intended, however the hiccups is visible in coop.

This has to be due to poor optimization or tethering, there are other cases where things do not work as intended, such as

Secondary player will not be able to see certain objects spawn into the world even though the host is nearby, (object as in chest, huts, and bandit camps, also trees and other resources) and can only be fixed by rejoining.

Building and object placed by player does not effect this situation only if the player does build too much, the player will only have a increase in time of lag, (adding 2 to 4 sec more) however even with no building the lag is still there.

Even graphic setting does not effect the lag, low or ultra, the graphic does not help in any way, and the internet connection is also not at fault either.
There has also been cases of players being dropped out of coop session and cannot rejoin unless the game restarts or the player spams the join game button. (Gone through this alot)

There is only 1 way to fix this, is to make coop a actual lan server instead of a player client server sending packet data to the secondary or sub players, and that means removing tethering. As of right now, players spent 40 dollars or more on this game to receive a poorly optimized and unstable issue amd i too am not please that i cannot play with my friends without having them or i die due to a lag on the games end.

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Also the comment listed above is not a hate message or threat, not sure why it is flagged.

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Not sure why my buddy’s comment got flagged, but we tried alotta stuff to no avail. Disabling mods, starting new games, etc.

This was my next suggestion and what I have done. I have a dedicated server on my LAN…however I did have both a server and a client running on my PC. My PC is no where near as good as yours and it handled it np so long as I wasn’t trying to run other things.

All you need is the Saved folder. You can copy that to a new server and host it that way. To give you an idea of how crap my PC is, and still I could run both server and client on it…

i7-6700 3.4Ghz
geforce 750 ti (yup thats what I use…lol)

While its not an ideal situation, if you have something better than me, you won’t have an issue hosting for a friend or 2.

EDIT: Not sure why this got flagged either. I think there is someone flagging any post that has any negative comment in it. At any rate, it really is a fun game, but yea the co-op part of it doesn’t sound like its working too well.

I was thinking on trying to host a dedicated, and I know theres a forum post that had the dedicated server tool thing, but I wasn’t able to get it working properly. Wasn’t really sure on what to do exactly.

Also, i thought you cant host the server and play on the same computer? At least thats what was on the Q&A of the dedicated server forum post. Well i’ll try to give it another shot, unless you meant you rented a server to host a dedicated server :stuck_out_tongue:

I have tried 3 different servers all on my LAN…

  1. Linux box running wine. That didn’t work out so well…lol (need ubuntu or similar, debian not so good for that)
  2. I then had it hosted on my PC. So had Conan Client (what I use to play with), and conan-server (which I used the wiki server setup)
  3. I ended up moving it to a virtual machine on linux box now, and it works perfect.

The guide I used…

On my virtual machine, I installed a brand new Win10 system and updated it. Then I needed to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x64. You only need to install that if your server complains about some dll missing (can’t remember the error). But will be either directX or MS Visual C++ dll error.

In case you need that get it from:
\steamapps\common\Steamworks Shared_CommonRedist\vcredist\2015

For win10 run vc_redist.x64.exe
For win7-32bit run: vc_redist.x32.exe

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We tried dedicated server, however the problem is still there just very minimal, the lag is still visible.

Have you added in those settings I have from above on the dedicated? It seems to work for me. I experience zero lag, as does my gf.

PS whoever is flagging these messages can you please stop. Go pester some other community please.

@Moderators can you please tell that person to stop. Its becoming really annoying.

Yea we just tried it with the settings on the dedicated server changed to what you posted earlier, but still no dice im afraid. He still experiences the teleports. But I think the enemies on his screen seem fine. Will have to do some more testing before I get back to you on it.

I’m still having the desync issue, and for some reason it became worst in the dedicated server.

I heard that the devs are aware of the de-sync, it is only a matter of time before they can fix the issue.

Aww man, I am really sorry to hear that. I am afraid I am out of ideas. If you haven’t already, probably best to remove those settings before trying other things if you can think of anything else to try.

I did have a ton of issues like you are having when I first started, but everything seems ok for me now, especially after the last patch. I hope you can find something that helps, as it really is a fun game when played as PVE with a small number of people.


Thanks for the tips though dakka, appreciate it. We are enjoying it, it’s just the bits of rage that ensues from dying by lag that’s making us go banana’s lol. Hopefully they smooth it out eventually.

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Dont know if you have tested this but here goes:)

Can you make sure at least the server/host is connected through ethernet?
Then connect the other client to the game and check if the problem persists?
If no luck, connect the other client through ethernet also and check.
Most routers have aweileble ethernet ports.

This is only for testing reasons.

Also, 5g wireless are fast, but not even close to the stability of the 2,4 ghz band, yes the top speed are lower, but the connection are stronger and more stable.
5 ghz also spikes a lot in speeds, and thats not wery usefull in your case, i would say the oposite.

If in a wireless zone this is wery important, especially in games that include elements like conan, wich demand a stable connection to the server to get in synch.
You dont need speed thats clear, try this and see if it helps.

In my own experience i usually lag when connectiong to a friend on poor hw or internetline on a co-op game.
On dedicated i usually dont have these issues, as long as the server are on a stable internetline.

In your case i would guess stability is key, hopefully it helps, cheers.