HELP with enemies Rubberbanding in one pc and not in another

My wife and i are playing. Her pc has lower specs than mine.
We are conected to the same net and her enemies are not rubberbanding (teleporting around) mine are.
Cantn play the game like that. It started a couple days ago, and has beeing inconsitent.
I verified files. Restarted the modem.
AM out of options HELP PLEASE!!!

I don’t think anyone will be able to help without some more details.

Are you playing on a server or co-op? Is it official server or private? Are you hosting it or someone else? If you’re hosting it, are you running it on the same computer on which you play?

PVE server, private.

what my friends see is that am being atacked even if am far away and then i teleport to the enemy.
Wat i see is the enemy attacking the air, then then teleports, to me.

Hmmm I’m not sure about this, so take my answer for what it is (pure hypothesis):

Time ago (with old PC) I had similar issues. Then when AoS chapter 3 came out, it became basically impossible to play and I had to install CE on the SSD (I kept it on HDD until then).

After that I was able to play, but still had these teleporting issues.
Now with a new PC (a gaming PC - 2000€ budget) I don’t have those issues anymore.

Since you said your wife’s PC has lower specs than yours and this happens to her only, I think it may be due to that.

But, again, this is pure hypothesis.

She has lower Specs and I AM the on with the problem BUT, i have CE in an HDD and she has a new brand SDD… hmmm, is worth trying. will do it

other thing is that the other players? i see eprfect, no rubberbanding, is just the enemies

Did it, changed it to and SSD MV2 . New thing too. Loads super fast…still enemies teleport all around…

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I had this rubberbanding teleport thing like that i still have the video.

Is your problem looking like this ?

It was working fine when i switched to mobile phone internet but the internet i usualy used for gaming was causing this problem only in this game. I tried everything but nothing worked. Some time later after the updates the issue was fixed. I might’ve changed the rams and worked or the updates worked. You are saying same connection so maybe try changing the rams. I had 16 gb ram 3000 mhz but was 7 years old. now i have 32 gb ram 3200 mhz brand new.

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Yes exact problem, looks like that. No…I just built this Pc. is not ram or Hard drive.

Try connecting with your wifes pc first. Disconnect your internet from your pc, there might be an same IP problem. Like i said, if you have this issue like in the video, mobile internet was fixing mine. Few months later after i recorded this video, i can use my main internet now and there is no problem for me anymore. I only changed the rams in my pc since then. I don’t know if that fixed the problem so i am not sure.

List of what i have done:
1.- Restar modem
2.- Change from WIFI to cable
3.- REISNTQAL the game on a new HArd drive, an ssd Nv2
4.- Deactivate firewall
5.- go to an official server ( it even ahd a higher Pin was better, a lot better but was still there)
6.-restart, turno off, etc,etc the pc.
7.- Verify files ( 2 times)
8.- Turn off my wives pc.
9.- General check of the PC ( is running amazing)
10.- Updated Drivers.
11.-change graphics to minimum. ( not that matters i can run the game at cinematic in 144 fps stady)
Just in case everything runs at 144fps, enemies ahve their normal attacks, but they are away from me and thenm they jsujt pop up next to me or away from me if they were.

I dont know what else to do, am palkying with my family and am the only one suffering. The game is nigh unplayable


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I remembered something about other servers. Some servers like you said were unplayeble. I could play some other servers after i wait for 5-15 min. Then the rubberbanding like in the video was gone. In the video in server 1041 rubberbanding stayed even after hours. I could play in 1042 after waiting 15 minutes. Yea its strange and only happens in this game. Other thing i always wanted to try was changing accounts. Never had a chance. Try using accounts from other pc and see if it is lagging in the same pc. I was reading something about funcom accounts being bugged in that time so give it a try.

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Problem still persist…Please help…

Does this happen right away? Like you turn your pc on,log into conan and enimies are bouncing around?
Is your pc cleaned out? Maybe graphics card or cpu is over heating and needs a blow out?
Sounds like you tried alot of things so to me it sounds like something on your end is messing up.Run a virus scan,update windows, update or reinstall graphics driver,make sure all fans are running in the pc…hope this helps.

pc is cean, tempetures are so cold i could put a beer there. EVERYTHING moves really smoothly, every game, Pvps. other survival. FPS, RTs, EVERYTHING. online offline, everythign si fin but this.

Hmm something definitely isnt agreeing with conan…hmm