Massive lag for my friend on coop. Sadly makes it unplayable. Please, Help me. We tried turning off sound but even that didn't work

*Game mode: Coop
Type of issue: Friend glides around the land every now and then. And massive frame drop for him.
Server type: -
Region: Europe

[Describe the bug here]

Me and my friend had no trouble playing this game the first time, Then all of a sudden he just has massive frame drops and just sort of teleports around the map without knowing why. Restarting doesn’t work because he still has it and we just can’t play the game because for one minute it runs well, and after that it just starts massively stuttering and lagging for him to the point he can’t even move. It happens every few seconds.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. It always happens for him, exept when he is in dungeons.
  2. We tried turning off audio, still has lag, it did make it less bad.
  3. It didn’t happen the first time at all.
  4. It also does not happen to my other friend who plays on coop with me at the same time.

Have you build a lot? The problem sounds the same when playing Age of Empires, all of a sudden my friend lag, frame drop and has an unplayable game (after a lot is being placed)…

I think the problem in Conan is the same on Co-op, your PC will be the server running everything over a thin cable connection with your friend I’m afraid :confused:

Every asset is loading on your computer and send to the other (realtime all the time), have you tryed to play outside the render distance of your buildings?

Try to go far away with your friend and see if it still lags, this is probably not a satisfying solution… but if the lagging will dissapear its probably the connection between you and your friend being compromised, or your PC is n’t strong enough to run like a server if its getting full (servers are totally different from fast game PC’s no offence).

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Well, I have two friends playing on there, and only one has the problem, even when we are out of range it happens.
And no we don’t build alot.

Hmm then this sounds more like a problem on your friends side, could be that latest update is n’t well optimized with your friends hardware…

Happens to me too sometimes, usually fixed in next patch.
Maybe a repair or reinstall will fix the issue…

Hope they will fix this soon for you, and many other players.

My friend had problems with the game, after a hotfix his problem was gone but I had trouble because of that fix, after another hotfix my pc runs good again and his pc runs bad again, its been like this for a while now :confused:

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Well, I just hope the devs see this. Thanks anyways man. Help is always appreciated. Maybe it’s just something with the new update or something.


Sadly this hasn’t been noticed yet.

Actually AoE has been fine before they “reworked” it into hd versions.
I dont know whats going on nowadays.
For some reason those games ran perfectly well in their original versions and still do if you kill the explorer.exe via taskmanager (and start it again after playing through the same). No lag and nothing. Okay, maybe on 200 max and huge map with 8 players. :joy:
But with hd versions? It even crashes on start of a map. AI is bad too: sometimes it gets stuck. Oh and multiplayer? Forget about that… Way too laggy, though this had been the case for lan on old versions too… :frowning:

In any game each player might experience different issues - be it bugs, crashed or simply performance.
What supports this is that this certain other friend can play just fine.

Maybe this has already been read (I doubt they answer every single time) but mentioning one of them might help? Not sure if I should use Jens or @Tascha:smiley: (Though “using” sounds bad. Sorry.)

I think they have noticed the issues with connections after latest updates, and also that Tascha said they are looking at it and soon try on test to fix some issues with lag and server things.

We have a similar problem during our co-op game, and it always happens on the client side. We thought it was lag, or “rubber-banding,” but here is what happened: a lot of things were not rendering my side. My character kept bouncing in different directions, or could not move past an area- whereas on his screen (right beside me) I could see there was, impeding my path, a large patch of rocks, cactus, or worse: palisades depleting my health.

If it was rocks, ore, cactus, etc, he would whack each one with a harvesting tool and it would appear on my end. Usually, I would have to exit and re-join the game.

We’ve reversed roles, where I’m the server and he is the client; and the results are reproduced. The things I listed above would not render and he’d have to exit so I could re-invite him. The server side never has problems. We play other co-op games that work just fine.

I don’t know if this is the same thing causing your friend’s lag, but I thought I’d share it.

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I hope some dev reads this :slight_smile:

my gf showed me Conan Exiles and i wanted to play it with her for the nudity already

never heard of it before but i gave it a try and im instantly addicted thats a really lovely game you guys made huge thumbs up i like the building especially as this reminds me of Dayz Epoch mod, also the random bots that attack your place… awesome! i love it

unfortunately we had the same experience

it looks like rubber banding, i have a Higher End PC (so does she) and ive locked server FPS to 60 to see if a non consistent server FPS is the reason for this. She tells me she gets ported in random directions when were running, for me she is starting the animation to run or fight with a sword and shortly after the animation freezes, she eventually will catch up after a short while and then i see her stopped animation at the frame, where she would be at this point. I want to follow her because i dont know the map ( and i want to look at her ■■■ :wink: )but its kind off impossible since she is teleporting around for me also…

please dear devs dont give up this masterpiece, im a junior programmer myself i know the hustle from 2D games, what youre doing is on a whole different level and i appreciate a great Singleplayer game because thats what it is with the current MP Lags :confused: - please make me watch my gfs ■■■ as smooth as possible

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Yeah that’s exactly Kind of my problem. It is really annoying. But they did say they were going to try to increase performance. But still. It sucks that you two can’t play. Me and my friend where also really excited to play it. For him it was also for the nudity lol. What a virgin he is. But anyways. Thanks for the reply so we can get more attention to this.

The only solution that comes to mind is to rent a server for yourself, I think it would run smooth for both and wouldn’t have those desync problems. Or if you have a spare good pc that can be used as dedicated server, that could also work.

Thank you for the reports everyone.
We are aware and have devs on the case :slight_smile:


awesome! Have a nice weekend, you certainly made mine :slight_smile:

Thank you Tascha, Very cool!

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