Massive frame rate dips and coop "tether"

Game mode: COOP
Problem: Bug | Performance |
Region: North America, East US

While playing coop there are two things that become imediately clear.

  1. There are massive frame rate dips due to rendering issues. It’s clear that the render distance or object details long range, need to be addressed. Yes it is cool that I can see the lava mountain from the desert, but the PS4 isn’t a high end gaming rig, it just can’t handle that much rendering.

  2. There is a coop “tether” where enemies/buildings/objects will not spawn around the client player. This is a serious issue as it prevents the second player from being able to accomplish anything unless close to the host player and enemies spawning on top of the client player also cause many frustrating deaths (when the host player draws near)

Both of these are most likely caused by the same rendering issue, the PS4 simply cannot handle as much rendering as this game is forcing it to do.

Well it could if it was actually optimized code. But here we have just a hacked engine. Without any QA for this release