Lagging and graphics stutter on single player

Game mode: Single-player
**Type of issue: Performance
Server type: PvE]
Region: [North America]

I have noticed in the past few weeks that there have been intermittent graphic stutters and skips in my single player game, like lag or some kind of graphics issue. Even when making food or getting things out of chest. It seems more pronounced when I am moving at fast speeds. My laptop has a 1660 Nvidia Ti and before this I had no stuttering or lag issues. It use to be smooth as glass. My drivers are all up to date. Is it a server issue? Could having too many thralls be a cause? I have some cosmetic mods but the problem seem to start happening after I started creating a small army of thralls. Can there be server lag on single player?

Thanks for any and all help-

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Game ran very smooth until a few weeks ago
  2. Now have stuttering and what looks like lag in the graphics
  3. More pronounced when moving at fast speeds

So what do you mean by “small army”? Because this could very well be it. And it would be no graphics but more like a CPU problem, because the AI of the thralls and npcs is more complex now. From my SP experience, another thing that adds to it would be if you do a lot of crafting in your base at the same time.


Muelee is right. Followers are much more complex now and require more (some, not much) data crunching.

FYI, when playing single, your computer is the server.




Creo tener el mismo problema lo curiosos es q es sólo en los servidores oficiales, mi PC es rayzen 5 32 ran 6g de video, he desinstalado y vuelto a instalar y es el mismo problema los npc camina en el lugar y a los 2 segundo aparecen en otro lugar mi pong esta en 100 y los fps en lo normal, he probado servidores privado y me corre bien incluso servidores con mucha construcción y npc, pero entró a cualquiera que diga Official y se jode todo es injugable la verdad

Well there are about 40 thralls and pets in and around my base…is that a lot? I can see where CPU/graphics would slow down a bit around my base given the thralls, torches, wheels, pets and other stuff but would it also be a “too many thralls issue when I am away from my base, like in the desert with just my character, a thrall, and my horse? Being the only person on my server I would think that would not be enough to slow the whole game down? I have a few other bases as well, but in other parts of the map. Do bases you are not present in, bases and thralls doing nothing craft wise, still affect performance? Forgive my ignorance if the answer is obvious…I am not computer savvy enough to know better.

Is there perhaps a power-saving or performance setting I have on my computer that is slowing it down?

Thanks for the comments and any answers are appreciated-

From my SP experience 40 is a lot, especially if there are creatures around the base who walk about and constantly aggro/deaggro f.e. your archers. Being in another area should help, but since the last patches the npc and critters also got more AI and there´s a lot of thinking going on in the exiled lands ;p
Like f.e. crocs fight with hyenas, they constantly check their surroundings and so on.

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