Will there ever be a fix to singleplayer stutter?

I play on singleplayer and whether I have mods or not, I get a lot of stutter spikes. I have a steady high FPS outside these spikes. Others have asked about this as well, but there has never been a solution. I don’t remember it being this bad before, but maybe I was just really into the game so I didn’t notice. Exile Lands map is the worst, but happens on Siptah as well. I play this game because I love the graphics and setting, but it is jarring to have my character stutter at least every 20 seconds and sometimes every 5 seconds depending on where I am. I guess I’m just wondering if this will ever be addressed. Or any kind of work around? Is this just something everybody lives with and chalks up to it being an online game? I’ve tried every hack I can find and have done fresh installs to no avail. I notice I literally can’t play the game without connecting to the server, even though I’m on single player. Maybe that’s why? Anyways is just a bummer for me because it’s my favorite game and my system should be able to handle it flawlessly.

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