Basegame NPC's all teleporting to 1 location

Thanks Hosav, while we have your mod in place, it’s akin to trying to stick your hand over the fire hose to stop the flow. I’m hopeful that maybe this is addressed in todays patch. It is increasingly becoming frustrating for the playerbase.

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Still waiting for funcom to fix their own mess. Going to keep posting until someone actually addresses the issue

We need and deserve an update on this issue

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After the Update 2.2 the NPCs don’t spawn in the air and falling to the ground, but spawning directly on the ground.

Hey there,

The current schedule for a fix to this issue is to be included in the upcoming update 2.3.
There’s no current specific date for this release yet, and please be aware that this schedule could change due to unforeseen circumstances.


So still have this issue after weeks and no schedule date for a fix , you all do know this is game braking to not have bosses in the correct place right??? I really wonder if you all understand how frustrating it is to not find the boss in the correct place? Do any of you play this game anymore? Or do you not kill bosses or does it not matter how much this breaks the game for your players. Or is it that it only happens on the server which we pay to play on. I for one not being rude in any way but would like to know why this has not been a priority for you all, its breaking the game play , I mean why bother with bosses if they do not even spawn correctly. Sure new players are very impressed with this issue and the fact its not been fixed in weeks, weeks.

i would like a fix as soon as possible too but at the same time would you rather have a fix that doesn’t truely fix the issue and breaks something else or would you rather have a fix that actually fixes the problem that exists without breaking other things it sucks that this hasn’t been fixed yet but we can’t scream about them breaking things in patches when we are also screaming at them to force a fix… i personally prefer slower fixes that actually fix issues than faster pushed fixes that break more than fix.

I am so happy to hear this! What wonderful news! I can’t wait for 2.3! Thank you for relaying our concerns to your team!

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