Bases Destroyed by Hacking between 3:30am and 10am EST


Any way to have some support on official servers ?
Our 3 bases were destroyed during the non-raiding hours. i logged off at 3:30am, everything was fine and dandy and friend logged in around 10am, everything was gone, just some ruins of the bases are left. Nothing shows up on the log, I logged inside the base and was killed by some guy, while i was offline, which i can’t remember the name now.

We are a clan of 9 people and we all know each other well. Its the 4th time re-rebuild completely, changed server and releved from 0 to 60 a second time due to racist slurs and harassment towards a woman that plays with us but after this i think we will be done with this game.

Its too bad because we love the game but without any support on official pvp servers, its just a mess.

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