Please stop killing Official server #1208 PVP

This is a plead to any player in Clan Lasi on Official server #1208.

Please stop trying to log onto the server and let your base decay.
I don’t say this to be mean. I say this because if anyone gets close enough for your base to start rendering the entire server breaks. You have probably noticed this yourselfs since someone from your clan has been trying to log on for weeks, resetting the decay timer and breaking the server. There is no other way to get rid of the base since gods are too slow and the server will just break down before you get close to the walls. Explosives will not work either because of the same reason and base is just too big to get rid of with explosives. Attacking the base also resets the decay timer and just letting the entire thing despawn is really the best and only solution.
That being said, if there is a friendly admin that can log on and assess the problem this could probably be fixed much sooner. Otherwise the server will continue to be dead and broken because of this base.
If there is an admin that wants to take a look at it the base is located in the G8 Square stretching from the Priestking’s Retreat to Boundary Spillway. This will probably promt a few trolls to try out breaking the server but since the pop is usually 0-1 people (3 at peak times) it will most likely only last for a few days since it is no fun to troll by yourself.

So please Lasi stop trying to log on for at least for 2 weeks so the thing can despawn and we might actually be able to breath life into the server once again!

Best Regards

Deja vu!

Another post about someone unhappy on an official server

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Though I prefere community servers with active admis to keep stuff like this from happening I am actually not unhappy on the official servers. This was just a last ditch effort to get in contact with a clan whos members I do not know and have no other way of contacting. They seem unaware that their attemts logging on to the server keeps breaking it and will keep breaking it until they stop and let the entire base decay. If they don’t the server will remain dead since, for example, all you have to do to stop a raid is walk close to their base, break the server and repeat until raid-time is over. With 40 people online on the server it would break constantly, by accident, by trolls or by people wanting spots for their friends to join.
I just want the server as healthy as possible since it was the first server I ever played on and coming back to it looking like this really breaks my heart.

idk, if i were a member of lasi with my huge base full of stuff on an official pvp server, i would probably not listen to a red panda asking me to not log in and let my entire work decay. i am not saying that the base is not causing an issue, maybe it is the reason maybe it is not but i would rather ask funcom to look at the issue by reporting the server crashes instead of trying to convince a player that it is their fault.

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