Basic Damage Buff From Agent Support Ability Far Greater Than 28%

The level 50 Agent Support ability for Roman Konstantinov purports to increase Basic damage 28%. A close study of tooltips and parse data instead show that Basic damage is increased by about 46%. In one example, a single hit from Deconstruct deals 313 base damage with 797 Combat Power, while Roman Konstantinov increases the damage to 456, an increase of 45.69%:

(456 / 313) - 1 = 0.4569

If the buff is supposed to be 28%, the damage should have been increased to 401:

313 * (1 + 0.28) = 400.64

I ran two series of parses on the Anima - Sim: Champion dummy in Agartha, where I spent ten minutes landing hits of Deconstruct with and without Roman Konstantinov to verify that it’s not a display error in the tooltip.

Agent Bonus Tooltip Damage # of Normal Hits Average Damage
No 313 1693 313.85
Yes 456 1661 455.76

If I were to equip my level 70 Legendary Finger talisman with a level 20 Legendary Waxing Delirium, increasing my Combat Power to 846.2 and my Basic damage by 111.21%, it becomes quite clear that the nature of the error is in the value of the Agent Support ability. The coefficient of Deconstruct is about 0.39165. Waxing Delirium and the Agent Support ability are additive. Therefore, I can calculate the expected tooltip of Deconstruct when factoring in Combat Power and the two Basic damage buffs:

How much damage Deconstruct should do

0.39165 * 846.2 * (1 + 1.1121 + 0.28) = 792.76

How much damage Deconstruct actually does

0.39165 * 846.2 * (1 + 1.1121 + x) = 853

Where x equals approximately 0.461718, about what I had demonstrated above with less Combat Power and no Waxing Delirium buff. All of this proves true for other Basic damage abilities. And it’s possible that Virgil and Ibrahim de la Feunte are similarly affected, but I have neither Agents at level 50 to verify my suspicion.


Time to get three basic attack agents and go nuts with my shotgun XD

Looks like you’re using tank allocation, and Konstantinov is acting as if you have 1390ish combat power set to 85% tank. So maybe he ignores AA.

I can’t get online atm but Konstantinov worked as expected in my hammer dps build (with hammer basic signet)

I had specifically tested this with Smash from Hammer last week (just viewing the tooltip) and got the same results I had gotten with Deconstruct. I have furthermore had two cabal mates independently verify my findings with Roman. I’ll consider your idea tomorrow.

I tested your hypothesis that Anima Allocation was being ignored by Roman Konstantinov, attempting to explain where the extra Basic damage had come from.

Anima Allocation Combat Power Base Smash Damage Buffed Smash Damage Basic Damage % Increase
100% 1637.8 1924 2809 46%
90% 1543.4 1814 2648 45.98%
85% 1496.6 1759 2568 45.99%
80% 1449.6 1704 2487 45.95%
75% 1402.7 1649 2407 45.97%

I see no evidence that it is true. Smash’s damage is still being buffed by about 46% when I have Roman equipped, no matter what my Anima Allocation is.

Ok yeah mine’s changed as well. 1393.3 combat power, 73.25% hammer signet, 7% agent in the other slot = base smash is 2951, with Konstantinov it’s 3704. (I believe this makes him 46.02%) I remember comparing it against Rocket Pods and it used to do less damage, now Konstantinov makes Smash stronger than Rocket Pods by a decent amount due to my hammer signets.

Without the basic tali and 2nd agent it’s 1296.2 combat power, 1524 & 2224, same 45.93%.

My Virgil’s level 21 so if the bug lasts long enough I could test him but it’d be a while.

I’ll check with Virgil and edit this post soon.

Checking from the tooltips: Virgil is also bugged, increases basic damage/healing by ~46% (plus a little more damage from the Attack Rating).

Hey checking this myself, and it seems you guys have found something for both Roman and Virgil!


Thanks guys <3


Oh no…now it gets fixed before I can experience the madness of a three basic agent shotgun basic spam build…

@DumbOx: Do you know if it got fixed? Or isit still ingame?

Just looked and Roman’s still buffing my basic by 46%

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