Battle pass clarification. Retroactive?

The page talking about the battle pass/bazaar has, quote:

If you don’t have the Battle Pass but progress through it for the free parts, then decide to buy it later, you will still receive all the rewards up to that level at once. In other words, awards apply retroactively.

What specifically does that mean? For as long as the battle pass is available? Can I purchase Age of Sorcery chapter 1 later on when chapter 2 rolls out?

Different games have different policies on this, what is it with Conan?

This is my recollection from one of the streams pre 3.0 release.

When Chapter 2 Battle Pass is released, Chapter 1 Battle Pass will no longer be listed.

You will not be able to purchase Battle Pass 1 after Battle Pass 2 is active.

I levelled up the current Battle Pass to 60 before purchasing, then after purchasing was able to retrieve all the rewards at once.

I hope that helps.


You don’t need to buy the battle pass to progress through the 60 levels. There are items you will get at certain levels for free.

Let’s say you do not buy the pass. You grind your way to level 50. Then you decide you want to buy the pass. You will receive the rewards from levels 1-50 from the paid side of the pass retroactively.

You wouldn’t have to redo the pass if you pay for it no matter what level you are currently at.

Hope that explains it a bit better.


Thank you both; my specific question is will chapter 1 be available when chapter 2 releases. It seems the answer is “no”.

My ultimate point is that I don’t see value in getting chapter 1, even though it will pay for chapter 2. Perhaps by chapter 3 there would be enough unique skins/building pieces to make it worth it.

As is, every 6 levels there is typically 1 free thing (like purple torch), 1 set of coins and a 1 time free consumable.

This means what you are buying is really only about 30-40 “usable things” for $10.00, and of those many are emotes or reskins (again, torches). Moreover, I’m not sure if the chapter 2 battle pass rewards will be unique from chapter 1.

It’s fine, and everyone’s value is different, but for me to be willing to drop $10, I need closer to a DLC in content.

If I were able to grind out the 60 levels when available, and be able to purchase old battle passes, this might be worth the $10 once we hit a third or fourth pass.

I hope FC considers this.

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